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A Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) governorship aspirant in Abia State, Chief AKo Atulomah has said that internal democracy would not allow automatic ticket for anyone. Atulomah was reacting to rumours going round in the state that the party has given a particular aspirant an automatic ticket and that other aspirants have stepped down for him.

He spoke further to CHUKS ONUOHA
'I want to make it very clear that I am very much in the race for Abia governorship seat come 2011.

I am in the race and can not be cowed by anybody. I want to make sure that Abia takes its proper place in the committee of states,' he began.

He said that those who have caved in have considered themselves improper as people who have nothing to offer the state, stating that he is in the race 'because he believes that he has the solution to the problem of Abia State.

'If you look at other states , with which Abia was created at the same time, you will discover that it is a failed state, you will find out that it has not succeeded. If you look around you , you will find out that there are no dividends of democracy for the people of Abia . Dividends of democracy can not be hidden, if it is not there ,it is not there .

'I want to tell Abians who believe in me to discountenance any rumor they are hearing that I have stepped down from the race. I cannot step down for anybody and no amount of pressure can make me to step down for any body. For all the aspirants , I am the man to watch. If you know me in the past , you will know that I am a determined fighter, I am some one that will make sure that the oppressed is no longer oppressed by anybody.'

On the power of incumbency of Governor Theodore Orji, Atulomah said that it can not make a meaning in a situation where some one has not performed.

'We have seen governors in the past who lost due to none performance. Power of incumbency works where one has performed. I am not new in the system. I am in the race because I am prepared for it . I have garnered all the resources to make sure that I am not found wanting in any area. Almighty God will not allow Abians to continue suffering. I am the next governor come 2011.'

He said that if he becomes the governor, ' I will close the era of awarding contracts at the Government House and give ministries sense of belonging. The era where contracts are awarded at the Government House will close. The ministries will arrange that .

I will only appoint commissioners who will be busy and not those who will just sit down to watch me do every thing they are suppose to do', adding he will guarantee financial autonomy to the local government chairmen.'

Speaking on the ASUU strike in the South East, Atulomah said he would have nipped it on bud.

'If I were the Governor of the state, the ASUU strike would be nipped on bud.

There are a lot of wastages in government and these areas will be closed and the money therein would be used to pay lecturers to ensure that there is no strike.

He advised the electorate to support him, that they should not loose hope that they have been disappointed by the government.

'My advise to the electorate is that they should support me. They should not loose hope that they have been abandoned. I urge all PDP people to go out there and register in readiness for primaries because nothing will cut short their expectations. They should be steadfast, resolute and ensure that they get their voters cards so as to utilize their votes. The elections will be very memorable.

'Nobody can buy me over. I will make sure that Abia is truly God's own state. I am in the race to rebuild Abia.

'What Abia wants in a governor with the fear of God. I will do a thing in Abia State, once I becomes the governor of the state, he said.