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Obasanjo Simply Fighting Against Further Imprisonment

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Former President Olusegun Obasanjo may after all be the biggest promoter of corruption in Nigeria today. Obasanjo, out of prison was persuaded to be the president, against his 'will'. Persons like Gen T.Y. Danjuma and former Military President Ibrahim Babangida, who felt some guilt for annulling the 1993 Presidential election won by his friend, Chief MKO Abiola, was at the forefront in assuaging the wounds that the annulment caused Nigerians and Yoruba people in particular. It is on record that T.Y. Danjuma and IBB are main financiers of Obasanjo presidency project. It was no more secret how especially IBB gave N150million out of which it was alleged Obasanjo criminally 'docked' N20million out of this for personal use, having returned from prison wretched.      

Obasonjo, who is not a petroleum expert, functioned as both the President and Minister for Petroleum throughout his eight-year presidency. We all know what transpired during the period; he became so rich that it occurred to him to try President-for-life hence he ventured the third-term saga. Having failed in the plan, he planted a person (Umaru Yar'Adua) whom he knew already had a kidney transplant; he supported him with a person (Goodluck Jonathan) that former Governor Alamaseigha confirmed to many that he choosed to be his deputy based on the fact that he was searching for someone who is docile in nature. While Umaru was living his last days, Obasanjo was the first to ask him to resign since he could not perform his function as President again; a call many saw wickedness on someone who was sick and needed sympathy. Obasanjo exposed his loss of patience waiting for his hatched plot to install Jonathan.     

No one can assess, neither can Obasanjo himself justify the stupendous wealth he has acquired within this period out of prison. All you would see is corrupt enrichment. Therefore, what Obasanjo is strongly fighting against is further imprisonment which a Muslim Alfa from Sokoto State had predicted for him. The Alfa, now late, had predicted that Obasanjo would be imprisoned, brought out of prison and made President; after which again he would go back to prison before he dies. Only time will tell if that prophecy would complete its words.     Alhaji Garba Salem,

  298 Apapa Road,