By NBF News

The unfolding events in Arochukwu Local Government Area, Abia State and indeed the state call for concern by all peace loving people of Abia North Senatorial Zone particularly the people of Abam Onyerubi, whose son is the speaker of the state House of Assembly for eight years now.

In these eight years that he has been the number three citizen of the state, the Abam community, has been neglected and forgotten. The Speaker has not brought his leadership or his position to bear to the development of his community.

A visit to the community would raise doubts whether the community is part of the state and if it has representative at the state or federal level.

The community is part of the area represented by Senator Uche Chukwumerije, who is from Isuochi . Prince Arua Arunsi, from Nkporo also represents the community at the Federal House of Representatives, while the Speaker of Abia State House of Representatives, Agwu U. Agwu is the son of the community.

Chukwumerije has only been to Abiam twice ; 2003 and 2007 to canvass for votes. Since then he has forgotten the road to the community. Now he wants to be the life Senator in Abia North. As he prepares for his third term bid for the senate, he should not come near Abam to canvass for votes.

Because our son occupies the third position in the state, other communities look on us with envy because they think that his being there is a blessing to us but the community has not benefited from his position and office. The most worrisome is the intimidation and harassment of political opponents and others who express their opinion over poor representation. Chukwumerije and Agwu should have learnt from the humiliation of former president Olusegun Obasanjo who attempted third term and was disgraced by Nigerians . This is pay back time and the same humiliation awaits these people that have forgotten the Abam people.

The roads leading to the community, which is a food producing area are deplorable. During rainy season, movement in and out of the community is very difficult. There is no one to speak for us.

The Umuahia - Bende - Abam -Ohafia Road, whose contract was awarded in 2000 by Obasanjo government has remained worse than it was before the award of the contract because the grading done by the contractor caused soil erosion. This road is the most terrible road in the federation, nobody talks about it, nobody is approaching Federal Road Maintenance Emergency (FEMA) for us. Our case is pathetic, nobody is discussing the development of people in this area, farmers find is very difficult to convey their products to the state capital, the worst is that the rubber crumbs just waste there at the rubber plantations just because there is no road to bring them out.

The Speaker has started his campaign by giving motor bike to wards chairmen and car to party chairman in Arochukwu LGA. Is that the achievement for the past eight years?

A position is nothing if the peopledon't benefit from it. We have number three position in the state without anything to show for it. We are not asking what can't be done. We need roads from Igwu Ozu to Arochukwu, Ozu to Amuru, Idima to Ndi Okorie, Ndi Ebe to Amuru, Afia Uzo to Ndi Ebe, Amaugbu to Amaeke, Ndi Iyang to Amugbu.

Some of the roads are local government roads and state roads but what do we gain for holding this number three office?. We need functional health centres. Our aged parents, children and pregnant women are dying because of absence of health facilities. The farmers are so poor because they cannot transport their goods to the state capital to sale.

We don't need this big office that attracts nothing to us instead we need a small office with good development that can be seen physically. The Abam Coalition is calling for a change.

• Nwosu, writes from Festac Lagos 08060649049