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The heavy downpour could not wash away the happiness and exhilaration recently as the Builder's Forum celebrated its first anniversary.

The ministry, whose mission is building women, strongly hinges its belief on the notion that, for the nation to be better, it starts with a woman. The Non-Governmental Organisation (NGO) has organized empowerment programmes, talks, skills and vocational training, seminars, rallies and other life building programmes for women.

At the colourful event, the ministry's founder, Miss Ruth Akinyanmi, highlighted its past achievements.

'Aside from the free vocational training skills, we were also able to organize a free breast and cervical screening by certified doctors for a hundred women, because obviously, these women's financial challenges have prevented them from taking good care of themselves,' she said. 'These women have given up on life but we are there to reassure them and help them realize that there is a better future. Even when these women don't show up, we follow them up.'

The group's resilience has not gone unnoticed, however. On many occasions, they have been invited to train women from other organizations. 'We started small but we are growing in numbers, and we call on people to enjoin us in this cause. It's not been easy and we are always financially handicapped. My other sisters and I have poured our lives to this, and it has neglected and deprived us of simple pleasures of life to make this work. We encourage ourselves, knowing full well that the coming years will be brighter, better and greater. God has been so faithful. Most of my team members were jobless when they joined us as volunteer workers, but just few months into the NGO, they all have sustainable employment.'