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Why Nigeria needs a Committed and Patriotic Leader.

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Fellow Nigerians, I am persuaded to write this little piece as to why Nigeria needs a patriotic and committed leader more than ever before at this point in our history. I personally have the privilege of working overseas like many Nigerians. We all know that Nigeria is a blessed country. Most of us equally know that the average Nigerian who works overseas have held his own and is always counted amongst the best world over. Nigerians have proven their worth in all their field of endeavor wherever they find themselves. Why then can we not replicate this astute to work back home in Nigeria? What really is the difference? Nigerians in Diaspora have held their own against the Indians, the Chinese and even Europeans.

  Nigerians overseas are amongst the best lectures, engineers, doctors, radiographers, nurses and scientists. Therefore it is possible that we have never had good leadership that will create a conducive environment and atmosphere for various Nigerians to practice their trade. We might have wasted fifty years as a nation, 2011 present a golden opportunity to make a clean break and turn a new leaf in purposeful leadership in Nigeria. Let us use the next fifty years to catch up with the Indians, Chinese and our South African brothers.  

  If it is possible elsewhere it is also possible in Nigeria.  

  All the money being wasted by many rich Nigerians who travel abroad for medical treatment only to be treated by Nigerians over there can be used to develop the Nigerian health care system.  

  Whoever emerges as the Nigerian president in 2011 must convene a conference to determine why Nigerians perform poorly at home and will perform excellently well immediately they move abroad.  

  It is time for patriotic and committed leaders who have the will and patriotism to move Nigeria to greater heights.     Iliya Yame Kwache (Dan Lawan Michika) is a Medical Radiographer/Sonographer writes from Michika Adamawa State.