By Alonge Michael
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“When you pay for a flight, you expect to travel in relative comfort and ambience. When Mr Omotade and 135 other passengers in the economy class of BA flight 0076 (06/04/2008) to Lagos booked their flights they had every reason to expect a peaceful and quiet journey.

After the passengers of BA flight 0076 were boarded, a disruptive deportee was brought on the flight. As passengers were not ready to put up with this for the 6 hour flight a passenger, Mr Omotade chose to express his freedom of speech and asked the officials accompanying the deportee to sort things out. The deportee was removed from the plane and Mr Omotade was subsequently arrested by the Met police for this single action and taken away. The other passengers who had been witness to the unfolding drama saw this as in injustice and complained to the cabin crew that Mr Omotade had been treated unfairly.

The overzealous captain of the flight then asked all the passengers from the economy class to be removed from the flight because they had again exercised their freedom of speech to complain about the unfair treatment given out to a fellow passenger. If all the passengers; 136 of them were guilty. Why weren't they arrested and charged? They were removed from the flight without any concern for the plans they had. This would never have happened on a flight to New York or Milan to fare paying passengers.

We as concerned people who truly believe in the freedom of speech ask Nigerians worldwide to boycott all BA services until such a time when BA chooses to stop the unfair and degrading treatment of Nigerians. Pass this email to friends and family and even non Nigerians who support this cause”. Shabazz, one of the people involved informed us.