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Page last updated at 12:01 GMT, Thursday, 16 December 2010

By Dave Howard
Newsbeat reporter
CoD: Blacks Ops sold more than £400million in its first five days

Users of Call of Duty: Black Ops are reporting continuing serious problems with online play.

Players say the game is repeatedly crashing and coming up with “connection error” messages.

Ian posted on Newsbeat's Facebook page that Black Ops is no better than “an overpriced paperweight” because it freezes so regularly.

The game's developer Treyarch says it is “working hard” on a fix.

Call of Duty: Black Ops recorded sales worth more than £400 million in the first five days after it was launched – making it the biggest selling video game in history.

The main feature being unplayable makes this nothing but an overpriced paper weight

Ian Humphreys, on
Newsbeat's Facebook page
Now though, there's a growing number of complaints – mostly from PS3 and PC users suffering from glitches and lags in the online multiplayer version of the game.

Twenty-two-year-old Ian Humphreys from Nottingham says it is “disgusting” considering “how much they have made in profit from sales”.

'Fixes coming'
An update to fix the problems was released two days ago – but Ian thinks it hasn't fully worked.

Referring to online play, he says: “People buy this game mainly for multiplayer features. The main feature being unplayable makes this nothing but an overpriced paperweight.”

Paul Totterdell from Exeter also describes “connection interruption and lag issues”.

Treyarch posted on the CoD: Black Ops official forum to say it is aware that “many online players have been experiencing connectivity issues”.

It adds: “We've already updated the game with one 'hot fix' since Tuesday's release that has improved many of those connectivity problems, and we've got more coming, so stay tuned.

“We're committed to doing everything we can to support the best online experience, and we're working quickly to resolve this issue.”