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Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan and the Dilemma of Leadership

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At all time in the affairs of man, there is a sowing and a reaping period. But because we are easily deceived, we always allude this truism to only plans and animals just so because God in his infinite mercy made them for our use. But life itself is a seed is planted by God, which germinates, and finally we reap what we sow. This is the obvious truth and reality of our time currently facing all those who ha been in leadership position in Delta State since 1999 and especially now.

An ordinary Medical Doctor and just one of the several in Delta Steel Company Effurun - Warri 's regulars, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan came to lime light from the back door courtesy of his cousin or is it brother or uncle - Chief James Onanefe Ibori, the prisoner in waiting. It is a known fact now that Chief Ibori race to escape jail has certainly hit brick wall. Or how can he escape when his wife, cousin, girl friend and lawyer are all serving terms in England. What is life now before Ibori who in just few months ago was dictating who goes where from his country home Oghara? Life is a riddle. But what is most disheartening is the fact that in Nigeria we do not learn from peoples experience especially in matters of money.

Due to the greed level in most of us, we tend to think that even when issues about our corrupt leaders are being discussed in the streets, they still feel that it is either none existent or can always be fix. Not so any more. The likes of Chief Olablde George, Tafa Balogun, Chief Cecilia Ibru and many more know better. But it has not been sufficient deterrent hence we have the National Assembly men and women messing up and even making efforts to justify their act. Nothing in our political landscape in Nigeria has been so well timed than the resent shame of the National Assembly salary, which by this time next year will be showing to the public the full glare of the casualties of the election 2011.

From the obscure corner of a regular Doctor, where he would have been very satisfied with the gracious offer as one of the medical officers in Government House Clinic or better still, one of the Special Assistants to the Executive Governor. But no, not all these, without any administrative experience, Dr. Emmanuel E. Uduaguan was appointed the juicy office of the Commissioner for Health, Delta State of Nigeria! No one complained and no one cared. It was a case of winner take all and with the money in Delta State, any office holder in Ibori's had only one way to look - up!. With experience thrown to the wind, Delta State Health services had only one direction to go - down. It did not deter the then Governor, so to confirm his grip of the State, Uduaghan was catapulted to the position of Secretary of the State Government.

The tenure of both the governor and his SSG is already a subject waiting for the long arm of the law, but the show was crowned with Governorship of the State for a man who had no foot soldiers. It was smooth sail because some one else paid the bill with other peoples money and so they could swim and thought that they will never sink. The reality steer them in the face now. The fraud called election 2007 has come and gone, but when all are supposed to be thinking of 2011 general elections, the hand of the clock has been drawn back again in Delta State. Why did the law which gave victory to Aregbesola and Fayemi not applied in Delta State to save Deltan the harrowing trouble of another election which will be laced with their hallmark Ballot box stealing, killing and/or kidnap, bribery and all sort of deceit common to the electorates and electoral officers.

But these are only one part of the problem for the frustrated former Governor. The issues before him now are better described as the proverbial 'between the devil and the deep sea.'

Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan was brought to limelight by Chief Ibori. That much everyone know. The going was smooth between them until nature threw in the spanner. EFCC arrested Ibori for fraud and had him dumped in Kaduna prison through charges they had against him. The Delta State Government House moved location and money changed hands and suddenly the case was moved to Delta state and the chased became the king dictating the pace of even national issues. Nigerian were left wondering if we had become Banana Republic. That is the state from where the like of legal luminaries like Itse Sagay (SAN) come from. Nothing worked. It was endured until God spoke like the prophet through the courts. Today Uduaghan is no more there. An uneasy head has since taken the reign of power and the 'king' is sulking. How i wish with the present scenario, people will learn that no condition is permanent. NO. They the politicians will not learn. Like they acquire wealth without work, and do business without morality, they want to continue with politics without principles. But there is a price. And there lies the Uduaghan's dilemma.

Before he ran away to surface in Saudi Arabia, Ibori held sway and even dreamt becoming the vice president of Nigeria. The system he benefited from favoured Uduaghan so he walked with impunity after all his lord and master was in charge. There he missed it. Ibori, his flaws notwithstanding had clout. He had soldiers. He had loyalists. Not so Uduaghan who sort to dismantle the structure which brought him to power in the first place. The Amoris were suddenly thrown to irrelevance. Oghara, the city he preferred to sleep rather than the government lodge became too far a distance. Ibori loyalists since he went to Saudi were avoided like a plaque. But the Guillotine was keeping tabs of events and no mistake was being made IT WAS BUSY CRUSHING OUT INFORMATION. Uduaghan had false belief so when he was made the chairman of president Jonathans fund raiser; to him, it was a confirmation of his second term. God said no. You must learn the lesson of history and the courts decided it.

Now the die is cast, all the bluff and failed promises are before him now what is there to be said of them all? Nothing but empty promises. Spanner has been thrown to the works already. Chief Edwin Kiagbodo Clerk who has been routing for all Ibori associates has found a common ground among all who would drag Uduaghan to the mud. Ibori in far away Saudi is watching how Emmanuel can fail him and follow the establishment. President is waiting to see how his appointment would be dropped for the thieving Odidigbodigbo. Here lies the big question.

In politics, things are easier said. Nothing is over until it is over. As for the electorates, the choice is yours pick this known devil and obvious pain will remain your lot. But for former Governor Uduaghan, the game is up. He has to learn by doing, no more soft landings. So who blinks first? Will the former Governor succumb to the pressure to line up with his cousin Chief Ibori who is a prisoner in the waiting and loose the Ibori followers? Or follow President Goodluck Jonathan who has appointed him the campaign fund raiser and loose all the favour from his master's voice? The choice is before Uduaghan, but head or tail, politics decides now not him. This is the painful dilemma of Dr. Emmanuel E. Uduaghan. Before you go to poll, what are the projects in the state that can speak for themselves in Ndokwa, Urhobo, Isoko and Aniocha/Oshimili Local Governments of Delta state?

In Nigeria, the greed factor has confirmed that it is better to try out another hand as serving persons deal without recourse to the electorate once in office. Be warned. Vote wise.

Mike O. Akpati is a Public Affair Analyst based in Port Harcourt

Disclaimer: "The views/contents expressed in this article are the sole responsibility of Akpati Mike and do not necessarily reflect those of The Nigerian Voice. The Nigerian Voice will not be responsible or liable for any inaccurate or incorrect statements contained in this article."

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