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Five natural herbs that women should have in their homes and why - Quincy Ayodele

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Quincy Ayodele is a herbal therapist with 15 years experience. Here are the five natural herbs she recommends women should have in there homes.

Ginger, cloves, lemon grass, bitter lemon and pawpaw.

Ginger and cloves are very good herbs that aid digestion. An infusion of the two is very good for combating nausea (as in case of morning sickness) and curing nausea. It's particularly good for mothers who have children that may have pile or such. Ginger is also used to to relieve menstrual cramps.

Lemon grass is very high in antioxidants and is used when one has cold, flu or even fever.

Bitter lemon is used in reducing blood sugar, high cholesterol and boosting immunity.

Pawpaw could be used in the treatment of obesity. Eat one pawpaw for three days. 1/3 pawpaw flesh as breakfast, 1/3 of the pawpaw seed swallowed with a cup of grapefruit juice as lunch and drinking of infused pawpaw leaf or skin at night for three days. This will make you loose a lot of weight. People with ulcer should never try this.