Basket Mouth
Basket Mouth

Ade Bendel is known as a 419 kingpin. He was convicted and sentenced on account of his fraudulent ways.

Recently, Ade was released after serving his jail term; and it looks as if the guy has turned a new leaf. In fact, he even said he is born again. His Bible is perpetually by his side and he tells all who cares to listen that he is a changed man, no more 419.

And to demonstrate his new image, Ade Bendel is staging a concert he has dubbed Turning Point.

With his Yinox Foundation, Life and Beat gathered that Ade has invited the mega stars in the entertainment industry for the concert. D'banj, Sammie Okposo, Basket Mouth, Segun Arinze, Keffe, Rooftop MC, Holly Mallam and Gordons are a few of the artistes in the long list of performing acts for the show billed to take place later this month.