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Good communication in the workplace is essential and helps to improve morale, increase efficiency and create healthy working relationships.

In any form of employment, good communication skills are a real asset and particularly in today's difficult financial climate, it is more important than ever to be able to communicate effectively whether this be with colleagues, employers, employees or customers. For those who have been made redundant and are now facing job interviews or are having problems with others within the workplace, effective communication skills will be an extremely useful resource.

Understanding good communication skills
When most people think about communication it is usually speaking that first springs to mind, however, being able to listen well is a large part of effective communication. It is also about being able to listen to what the other person is not actually saying but is communicating through non-verbal behaviours. Examples of non-verbal communication include using gestures, facial expressions, body language as well as using various props.

Good workplace communication improves morale
A major benefit of good communication within the workplace is that it may very likely lead to an improvement in office morale. For example if employees never or rarely receive any kind of positive feedback or idea as to how the company is performing then it is often quite difficult to stay motivated. When very little is communicated back to employees this may also trigger a sense of distrust leading to increased tension and conflict.

Good workplace communication increases efficiency
When employers, directors and managers are able to regularly provide effective communication this in turn will lead to an increase in efficiency within the workplace. If employees are clear about the company's goals and how they have an important part to play in achieving these goals then there is likely to be greater productivity, in addition to a sense of being part of a team and of ownership.

Effective communication improves working relationships

There is nothing like poor communication to trigger office rumours, gossip and conflict as well as distrust among colleagues, managers and employers. This is because when someone hears half a conversation or listens to badly communicated messages being relayed, the actual meaning often is lost and twisted. In order to achieve healthy working relationships there needs to be an atmosphere of trust and honesty which requires good communication skills.

As highlighted above, effective communication skills are a key aspect of being able to succeed within the workplace environment. Good communication improves office morale, reduces messy office politics and decreases workplace conflict, making for a healthier, happier workforce.