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By Melanie Miller
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When the wind blows, it caresses my tresses and face,

and when the sky turns grey it is if to say, I care.

And when the sun smiles down at me, it is saying a sweet...

And when the trees sway, it is calling my name...
beckoning me to come hither.
I feel so alive when the wind, sky and rain want me to come out,

and play with them.
The magick fills the air, and I am not in dispair as my friends, are here,

for me.
The beauty and candor of it all amazes me, and the colorful leaves...

dance so gingerly and as if to say..."I am here just for you, to notice."

I love the wind and the song it makes for me alone...

and I love the blue skies, as I can often hear its' cries.

I sigh and smile at my little friends and know that they will sometimes be gone-

but not for long, as yet again the pouring rain dances with delight as I come out-

to play in its' mud puddles and like a child I am all over again and then I see its'

beautiful rainbow so lovely to behold.
I never want to grow old, I want to be a child forever and ever.

I prance around the golden leaves that fall down the tree onto the awaiting soft ground,

and sometimes...I do not even make a single sound but my friends are there for me-

all the same, and like magick, I dance with such delight, never feeling dread or fright,

for I know in my heart that my magickal friends will always come to my rescue and take any of the

boredom away from my soul.

the end...