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Buhari Escapes Being Lynched, As Angry Mob Disrupts Rally Ground In Bayelsa

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CHRIS OZOEMENA, Yenagoa, Dec 08 2010 12:05am
Buhari escapes being lynched, as angry mob disrupts rally ground in Bayelsa

The Presidential candidate of the Congress for Progressive Change (CPC), Gen. Muhammadu Buhari on Tuesday escaped being lynched in Yenagoa, Bayelsa state by angry mob who stormed the venue of the rally and started throwing dangerous objects at the crowd including the retired General.

The mobs numbering over 50 youths stormed the venue of the rally with over five

buses and bought hot drinks, emptied them and stoned the crowd before other youths who are loyal to the CPC and armed policemen chased the mobs and arrested one, while others escaped.

The arrested victim was seriously beaten as blood was oozing from his head and

all parts of his body before police took him to their command for interrogations.

The attack on the party sent panic to women groups, party faithful including journalists covering the event as they ran from pillar to pole for their safety, even as the ex-General

not feel jittery over the incidence.
Speaking at the rally, Gen Muhammadu Buhari said the party would fight indiscipline

and corruption in the country, while assuring Nigerians that his party would provide security to all the nooks and crannies of the country and ensure safety of lives

and property if voted into power.
He called on the electorates to register for the forthcoming voters registration exercise and appeal to the party faithful to ensure that they cast their vote come 2011, adding that CPC would provide jobs, infrastructural facilities, good roads and improve on the nation's railways to transform the nation economy.

The Presidential Candidate further told the congregation and the party loyalists that, CPC would restore peace to Nigerians, even as he insisted that, the party would ensure that business activities in the country strives for better.

Describing CPC as a confident party, the Ex- Army Gen said, the party is dedicated to bring about positive change for Nigerians.

He said come January and March 2011, he would come to Yenagoa again and formally present Mr. Famous Daunemiagha, the Governorship flag bearer to Bayelsa State as their party choice.

Also Speaking, CPC Governorship Candidate for Bayelsa State, Mr. Famous Daynemiagha assured Bayelsans that voter's registration exercise would be carried out both in the creeks and all the riverine communities.

Daunemiagha also said, the party would embark on mass campaign in all the communities in Ijawland and charge party faithful to vote candidate of their choice come 2011.

In his welcome address, CPC Chairman, Bayelsa State Mr.William Berezi said the wind

of positive change has come to the state, describing the party as a party for a progressive change in the country.

He called on Bayelsans to embrace the wind of change in the country, particularly in Bayelsa State to transform the state for the better.

The state, William Berezi said is greeted with poverty, unemployment and underdevelopment and needed a politically tested person like Mr. Daunemugha to salvage the situation.

He appealed to every progressive Bayelsan to vote CPC and vote wisely in order to

secure the future for better.

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