By Stella Dimokokorkus
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Crooner is on the lips of those who have sworn not to mind their business.they swear that kween swings both ways(does anyobdy know what this means?)hear the gossip mongers''she is very close with that musician who gars up like a man and who relocated from london to do her music years back.there was even one time when both of them were still based in london,they did it right in the studio of JJC and 419 squad during one recording session''.there is no pun intended here but if anyone will loose sleep over this whispering or have eyes red as firewood,i humbly refer them to the book of the old wise men last page which says''The insect that destroys the leaf lives inside the leaf''.


This actress was becoming a household name until she found love and relocated to london in 2004,since then nothing movie-wise has been heard from her and tatafos are whispering to me why this actress has been oh-so-silent.the reasonis none other than rita now has three children and is so busy juggling motherhood that there is time for nothing else.let me not forget to congratulate her as i know that the task of being a mother is not easy.when and if she is through with the task she has at hand and decides to return to nollywood,we will gladly welcome her back even if she has put on so much weight that she can compete with the likes of dolly unachukwu.afterall theres a script for every kind of bodyshape in nollywood!


On sunday febuary 24,2008,the elders forum(whatever that is)decided to honour mr orji.zack and wife ngozi hurriedly left the event tagged Morgon night because he was being honored at o'jez restaurant by the elders forum.those in attendance to initiate him include ex-ambassador olusola,steve rhodes et al.they laid hand on zack and prayed for that his life be a shining model for others to follow.these olofofos whisper that zack recently turned fifty years old hence the elderhood initiation.heres a big congrats to the bearded actor!our forefathers say that ''those who show respect get it back a hundred fold and those who applaud whitehair will be given encomium for theirs''


Olofofos who were returning from USA on febuary 17,2008 spotted supermodel oluchi on the north american airlines flight from JFK to lagos and according to the olofofo''oluchi was on the same flight and was seated at the economy section .she was very nice and all smiles and her son was no where in sight''.The aircraft landed nigeria on febuary 18,2008 and the supermodel did her strut out of the airport.the olofofo was wondering why oluchi with all her money opted for the economy class section.well we all know the story of this supermodel,she had humble beginings and its my guess that living the life of an international celebrity has done nothing to change who she is.this is especially for oluchi,she should not mind anyone who questions her travelling status,our forefathers say that''humility is like a ladder that will ferry a man to the top and keep him there!''


The ever smiling,well spoken actress was spotted in anorth american airlines aircraft from JFK in seat number 4 in the business class section.the flight landed lagos on the morning of febraury 18,2008.the gbegborun who was on that flight gisted briefly with the actress and she informed this gbegborun that she had been in america for a while and was glad to be returning.welcome back,we hope mrs jacobs is now in perfectly good health?we look forward to seeing more of her movies.please this is a new year so please pass on this message to her that this year she should stop taking movies scritps where she play mother to someone who does not fit that category at all.its time people start saying no to movie scripts which are not right abeg!..welcome back madam!.


Olofofos sighted heavily pregnant model cum actress blessing efiom at shoprite on thursday febuary 21,2008.she was garbed in an alter-neck flowery top with her boobs on display and had on black pants to compliment the look.the olofofos also noticed that blessing is beautifully pregnant and looked like she would be poping the baby anytime soon.may motherhood be everything this model ever hoped for,so heres wishing her and the baby daddy all the best in advance!.


Olofofos whispered to me concerning desmonds new attitude and also of how he had turned produced.according to the olofofos''desmond is producing his own movie now with emem isong and he is bargaining to pay nollywood A-list actors like one bargains to buy crayfish in the market,it is a pity''i wanted to hear desmond out so i called him on his mobile phone on wednesday febuary 27,2008 at 9:30am and after telling him how he is being whispered to be pricing his A-list colleagues like crayfish,he exploded on me,hear him''okay,it is like that why are they acting in the movie,ramsey nouah,rita dominic,mercy johnson,van vicker,uche jombo are all on this set,so what are this people doing on the set if what olofofos are whispering is true?anybody can say what they want to say.stella you have a way of writing things to spoil it,if you want to contribute to my project,then do so,i am shooting with a budget of almost seven point something million.you see stella,i know you,you have neer written anything good about me so i am trying to vindicate myself,believe me,even if you write trash about me right now i dont care''!..and with this he cut off the phone.i leave the readers of this spot to be the judge.the only thing i beg to add is that our wise forefathers say that''Words are like eggs,whatever you vomityou cannot swallow back again''! lol


London tatafos Spotted him on wednseday febuary20,2008 at the home of one mr vincent in thamesmead where the actor stayed all through his stay in london.the tatafos also spotted chidi with a handbag named sheila who is about 5foot,3inces tall,dark complexioned with ordinary looks.the tatafos also notcied this handbag speaks igbo with a british accent.according to the tatafos''chidi was all over this handbag who is in the entertainment business and chidi revealed he had wanted to propose to the handbag in december 2007 but the handbag is too independent with a very high profile.chidi also took that thing that smells strong and funny and is four lettered(when pronounced sounds like the whole of the easterntribe).he took it in broad day light without caring who was watching him.''the actor who was in paris shopping for things to sell in his shop also revealed to the hearing of the tatafos that he would return for the dublin awards ceremony.chidi is supposed to be my friend so i will not diss him here,the only thing i will do is pray that spirit of too many handbags disappears from his life this minute in Jesus name.where-ever chidi is right now,oh God please touch him and let make that wife decision this year!(no section in theforefathers book refers to this case)


There is grumbling in nollywood and the reason will be clear in a moment.according to the olofofos in nollywood''these producers have gone too far this time.their new innovation is to use ghanaian stars nadia buari,van vicker and another black ghanaian actress in all thier movies thereby subjecting our ownA-list stars as back up to these ghanaian stars.even in ghana and south africa,it is not so easy for nigerian artistes to break through unless theres a stake in it but our producers disregard our own stars and scramble for these outside ones.even one producer is now scrambling to bring one of the ladys of the last big brother africa to do a movie and because she was denied visa to enter nigeria,he is delaying his production till she gets here,the Alist nollywood acts he is using have been put on hold and must wait''.this scramble for outside stars is putting nigerian actors out of jobs or drastically reducing their fees.isnt charity supposed to begin at home with our own?i speak to these people who will import outsiders and pay them any kind of amount just to make movies while they complain that nollywood actors are too expensive.the forefathers has a memo for them and it simply is''Do not scratch the itching eye with what you scratch the ear.It is water which drowns people it is still water people must drink''.may God give them the wisdom of solomon to rectify thei rmistakes and make good movies!.


Olofofo friends of the crooner have whispered into my ears that he is in love.these olofofos whisper that''his love interest is isio and both have began dating secretly.infact so hot are they for each other that ruggedman used isios picture as his screen saver on his mobile phone.this relationship is new and so hot that anyone who steps between them might get burnt''.the new lovers were spotted by island tatafos at the silverbird galleria on wednesday febuary 27,2008 and the tatafo who spotted them had this to say''ruggedman was all over isio and there were sparks in the air''.i wish them luck as they try to discover each other and pray that their love survives the storm that comes with relationships.please if you know them send them my hearty congratulations and beg them not to deny this report!if they decide to ignore my advice then i leave thme some words of wisdomwhich is''use your tongue to count your teeth before you lie''.


Let me start this with our forefathers book page 25,section 4 whichsays that''a man cannot hide drunkenness,pregnancy or the fact that loves arrow has struck them''.the reason for this proverb is that annie can no longer hide the goal scored into her by the musician many months back.olofofos who spotted her recently had this to say''annies pregnancy is showing now and she has a new confidence and is now flaunting the pregnancy for all to see unlike before when she was hiding it.she tells anyone who cares to listen that tuface tells her to always look sexy for him''.well theres no use crying over spilt milk so i would advise annie to rock this pregnancy and do all the waist twisting she wants,if tuface says she is sexy,then so be it!she should also ignore the life threatening sms she has been receiving from tufaces baby mama numero uno.life is in Gods hands and anyone who lives by the sword shall die by it!


It seems i have been preaching the AIDS message and forgot toremind you reading this that it is not only this disease you should beafraid of,theres also sexually transmitted diseases which can lowerones immunity and make getting HIV/AIDS easier and quicker.those ofyou whom read this meassge and still decide to have sex without condom,you all should know now that the forefathers refer to such acts as''committing suicide with a fast gun''.make the right decision and whateverdecision you make,remember that every action has a reaction.have a good weekand please use condom(wink).