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Ex Beauty Queen Adaeze Igwe-Yobo Speaks On being a new mum and what products she is using right now and advice she has for new mums

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Before I got pregnant, I did not use a lot of products apart from my daily moisturizer by Elizabeth Arden, a sunscreen, my normal make-up etc I was not a fitness addict either, I worked out every now and then, I ate whatever I wanted. But that all changed ! Now I work out 3-4 times a week which consists of running on the treadmill for 30mins, crunches, lounges and even walking up and down my staircase, carrying my baby around thats all part of my new exercise routine. I still eat whatever I like but in moderation now.

Everything changes once you have a baby. Your body, your skin, hair, your features, not to talk more of your weight. From my first trimester I had no problem at all, in fact I loved it! My skin was really nice, I thought it was just a myth about your skin glowing when you are pregnant but I can say it is true, at least in my experience. I hardly wore make-up because my skin got very clear and shiny and lighter, my tummy was just nice and round enough, not too heavy not too big. I did not have any stretch mark on my tummy or spots anywhere. I was feeling so happy and proud of myself when all of a sudden I woke up one morning and there they were, the one thing every woman dreads “Stretch Marks”. I also got spots and I got a bit darker. My facial features changed, my nose got bigger, my lips got fuller, underneath my eyes got sensitive.

I have heard people say maybe I got botox or used lightening creams. I laugh because they clearly have no clue about what happens to your body after you have a child. As I entered my 7th month, everything went opposite, I couldn't believe it! I stared at my tummy everyday, it just got so huge people asked if I was having twins, hahaha bless them! I was not offended at all, I thought it was actually funny I would say yes I know I am huge lol. And with the big tummy came the cravings, I ate every single thing most especially snails, fried peppered snails, I know its hilarious. I thought hey since I am already huge I might as well enjoy myself.

I did not care I just ate everything and anything, wish I knew I would have to sweat my butt off to get rid of it I wouldn't have eaten so much, but oh well ! when you are pregnant who cares!

Anyways here is what I use right now. I actually do not use a lot of products because it's just so unnecessary and you do not even know what is working and what is not, plus after a few products you start getting irritated with everything so I keep it simple and use what I really need. After I had my baby my skin got very sensitive. It got lighter again and extremely soft because during pregnancy you lose skin elasticity. Well, I hope you find these few products helpful !

Clarins Beauty Flash Balm: This little tube is one of my favorite beauty products. It has a smooth thick texture and immediate visible brightening and tightening effect. After I had my baby my skin became very soft and sensitive. This balm gives a nice firming effect that I love. it can be used as a primer under make-up, giving you an even skin tone. I know Sarah can testify to this one because I know she uses it too. hahaha…

Clarins Smoothening Body Scrub: I really enjoy using this body scrub, I have noticed a nice smooth texture to my skin, it also helps soothe and calm the skin and also detoxifies away the post baby spots or any roughness from the old marks and scars.

Stretch Mark Cure By Herbal Perfect;

I don't know if any of you in Nigeria have heard of Perfect Herbal Clinic in Abuja, Nigeria. I was introduced to this product by a friend in Nigeria. At first I was hesitant because I had tried a lot of products that did not work and I was starting to get very disappointed and uncomfortable with my body. Also you hear funny stories about all these herbal products. I suffered severe marks on my tummy and legs, I tried all the different stretch mark products recommended by other mums or magazines without any really good visible result. Like they say, everybody is different. I have been using this product together with the capsules for 2weeks now and I have to admit I have seen visible differences. It is recommended to use for 6-8wks so let's see how it goes. I will warn you though, the packaging isn't very fancy but don't let that put you off, it is worth a try.

Night And Day Spots Eraser By Herbal Perfect:

Also by the same clinic, I can testify that it does work. Every single spot cleared on my face, neck and back. They come in very small containers because all you need is just a little for the spots. It is very thick and can be quite patchy with make-up in humidity. Therefore I use the night one more than the day product. All of the products are made from natural herbs, plants and fruits.

Biotherm Facial Wash, Scrub, Mask and Cleanser;

I have been using the whole Biotherm range for my face for about 4 months now. I find it gentle enough for my skin, it renews, restores and rejuvenates the skin from all impurities. The products are very light and gives a clean fresh feel which I like because as a mother I do not want to use any harsh chemical products that can affect my child. You know babies are a hands on job so there is a lot of skin contact, so you have to be very careful with what you use.

So there you have it ! My simple everyday products. I am done with the actual first stages of the hard work of treating and getting back in shape. Right now for me, is more about the maintenance. My regime is the simple Cleanse, Exfoliate, Moisturize, Mask 2x times a week. The rest mark and spot treatments are the little extras to maintain the healing process. Right now I am just enjoying being a mum and a wife, I am happy and thats all that matters, the rest will come in place as life goes on.

Thank you everyone, and Merry Xmas in advance!

Love always

Daisy Yobo and Sarah Ofili.

Pics source: Adaeze Yobo, and product sites.!

Adaeze Igwe-Yobo

Adaeze Igwe-Yobo