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“PDP’s days are numbered”, Lagos ACN tells Gbenga Daniel.

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The Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria has told Governor Gbenga Daniel of Ogun State that nothing will save the PDP from total extinction from the South West and indeed in the entire country in 2011. The party says that with the woeful performance of the PDP in twelve years of negative leadership, it would amount to stretching naivety to high heavens for Daniel to think Nigerians have the least tolerance for his party to allow it to cart away another electoral heist in 2011.

In a release in Lagos, signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the ACN, Joe Igbokwe, the party says that the decline the PDP is facing is a natural outcome of its woeful performance in power in the last twelve years and a demonstration of the fact that the PDP is a party built on forged and fraudulent electoral results. It therefore warns the PDP to prepare to relinquish power after twelve years of disastrous leadership that has left the country completely battered and its citizens totally stripped of a future.

“We sympathize with Daniel who is watching helplessly as the house the PDP built on electoral fraud in the South West is collapsing one by one and as the train comes to his doorstep in Ogun State. We sympathize with the apostles of do or die politics, the believers in wholesome electoral fraud and subscribers to political chicanery as routes to power because before their very eyes, they are watching as the early signals of the PDP's complete annihilation dawns. They are watching as the house of cards they built on the quicksand of electoral manipulation, bizarre rigging and untrammeled fraud cave in to the people's well expressed desire for change in the face of unending decay, pain and misery, inflicted by a cabal of political profiteers and swindlers who were never ever voted for by the people themselves.

“The problem with people like Gbenga Daniel is that they do not believe electoral victory is possible except through electoral fraud hence they still hang on to the belief that their party, notorious for impudent electoral forgery will hang unto the belief that they will remain in power for eternity, with or without the approval of the people. Even with the raging public anger with the PDP, it is not strange that members of that loathed political party are still entertaining the hope that they will return to power after ensuring the complete annihilation of Nigeria in twelve bizarre years of mismanagement and corruption.

“We are even surprised that Daniel, after eight years of wasteful and barren leadership in Ogun State, believes the people of Ogun will continue tolerating this strange imposition that the PDP has become. It is even funny that Daniel, after ensuring total anarchy and restlessness in Ogun, still believes that the good people of Ogun State will tolerate his party that has come to be seen as a nuisance to the peace and tranquility that was once the hallmark of Ogun State. Given that Daniel knows that he never even won the 2003 and 2007 elections in Ogun State, it is the height of naivety for him to believe that after eight years of direct assault on all facets of life in Ogun State, his party will still be tolerated in 2011 in that state.

“We want to assure Daniel that his party, the PDP, has outlived its usefulness, not only in Ogun, not only in the South West but the entire country. We want to assure him that what is happening now is a natural tide against maladministration and impunity, which the PDP represents and nothing will stop the routing of the PDP from power in the entire country in 2011. We want to let Daniel know that the days of the PDP in Nigeria is numbered and Nigerians are eagerly counting the days when their common nemesis would be eased off from power, which they have monumentally misused in twelve years of total plunder and waste laying. We want to let Daniel know that not even 20 million Gbenga Daniels will stop an idea whose time has come and that idea, Nigerians have come to agree on, is that the PDP must go for Nigeria to start the process of rebuilding its battered country in 2011”.


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