$50k Saga! My Conversation with Rev. Bakare; By Emmanuel E. Asiwe

Source: huhuonline.com
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We were offered transport fare, not bribe, senior pastor of Later Rain Assembly and   convener of Save Nigeria Group, Pastor Tunde Bakare told huhuonline.com   publisher and editor -in- chief, Emmanuel Emeke Asiwe, in a telephone conversation Huhuonline.com: Good Evening Pastor Bakare

  Pastor Bakare : Who is this?
  Huhuonline.com: My name is Emmanuel Asiwe, publisher and editor-in-chief of huhuonline.com.

  Pastor Bakare : Ok.
  Huhuonline.com : Recall that I had interviewed you in Boston some years ago.

  Pastor Bakare : Ah!...... (Silence), I can't recall that interview.

  Huhuonline.com : However, my call is as regards the alleged Fifty thousand dollar bribe offered to SNG. I have spoken to Tony Uranta (alleged conduit of the $50,000 bribe money). He has denied the allegation and gave me your number to speak with you.

  Pastor Bakare: Tony gave you my number?
Huhuonline.com : Yes Sir... Were you offered bribe?

  Pastor Bakare : I don't want to go back and forth; our spokesman has spoken to Sahara reporter. However, we visited the president, we made our position known to him, and were offered transport money, but we rejected it, based on integrity. It was not a bribe !

  Huhuonline.com:   But Sahara reporters said you confirmed it was a bribe?.

Pastor Bakare : It was not a bribe.
Huhuonline.com :What was the fifty thousand dollars for?

Pastor Bakare : It was given to us, as transport money.

Huhuonline.com: Thank you sir.
Mr. Asiwe is an alumni of Harvard Business School, and can be reached @