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Akpabio On Atiku: Where Is Okwesilieze Nwodo?

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Governor Akpabio looks good as de-facto PDP 'leader'; he is said to be the major financier of Jonathan's presidential ambition. Where are the lily-livered Nwodo and his men to allow this arrogant usurpation of their function? He is still talking tough.

  I believe Governor Akpabio shot himself at the foot by disrespectfully against his party's Presidential candidate, Atiku. Such utterance should have come from a member of the NWC of PDP. Some people observed Akpabio being in control of the largest revenue allocation among his peers.

  One needs to commend the gentlemanly way Senator Ben Obi replied Akpabio, describing him as (truly) a 'busy body' that should contend with the criminality going on in his tiny Akwa Ibom State; and these problems are believed caused or given room by his government.     One waits to see how this callous statement coming from a State governor would be handled by PDP and President Jonathan.   Atiku and his group should ask for sanction against the governor. Akpabio it was the same governor together with Chief Don Etiebet that asked Anambra people to vote Anambra Peter Obi above his (PDP) party's candidate, Professor Soludo; no sanction was taken against him. He is now pushing that because he, in his dream saw uninvited 'ACN broom' during a TV transmission of Atiku's northern consensus candidacy. I feel that PDP is a finished party. Mr. President himself seems not having mind of his own and much should not be expected from him as regards this madness of Akpabio against a former Vice-President of Nigeria. I think it was high time political office holders are cut to size when they feel intoxicated with power and fat pause.  

  Back home in Akwa Ibom, Akpabio is being accused of ruling like an emperor; anyone who stood on his way was destined to be destroyed. In this modern democratic world, one could not explain that an old mother of a governorship aspirant was murdered and her body carelessly dropped on the street naked after 50 days in captivity all because her son wanted to challenge Akpabio for the State's governorship. One Engineer Iniekong Udonwa was sent back on exile (in Singapore) with gunshot wounds. And the chief security officer of that State, if he was sincere, never raised any query? This is food for thought.  

  Dr. Jerome Jiga, Shehu Close, Zaria, Kaduna State