By Nonye Iwuagwu
Anita Hogan
Anita Hogan
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Anita Hogan, the actress who made headlines last year after her nude pictures were published by a magazine, is wearing a new look.

Hogan, who breezed into a recent event in Lagos looking none the worse for the scandal, caused a stir when she made her bold entrance. As people whispered in the background, she held her head high and exchanged banter with her colleagues.

Although, her Oyibo husband did not accompany her to the event, her wedding band showed that the scandal ended well.

While some busybodies were heard saying, “If I were her, I would hide my head in shame”. Others admired her guts and praised her for putting the scandals behind her and moving on with her life.

And to show that this past was firmly behind her, Hogan pulled another surprise. When Shan George was performing her song, Nkenkene, Hogan joined her Ibibio brothers and sisters on the stage and danced.