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A choice between a United and Egalitarian Nigeria and Personal Ambition of Some Selfish Politicians.

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People can only be oppressed or suppressed for sometime before they will revolt. However long it takes oppression is only but temporary. That we desire a united Nigeria cannot be over-emphasized. My prayers every day is that our leaders or rulers must learn from history of other nations. We are reaping the whirlwind sown by the misrule of the last three military despots.

  If the June 12, 1993 election were allowed to stand, we wouldn't have found ourselves in this mess of zoning or otherwise. As it is many more mistakes are being made by the day by the same parties who created this mess in the first place. They still create many more fictitious lies to cover their sins against the state and innocent Nigerians . At the time statesmen think of how to better the country for future generations, these fickle minded politicians think of their personal pride and how to acquire power for vendetta sake.

  No patriotic citizen of a country desirous of ruling the country will go to a different country altogether and buy many palatial houses there. Like the Christian Bible will say, you cannot serve two masters. Any politician who stole Nigerian wealth and used it to buy houses in America, England, Dubai and many other places is not worth being the Nigerian president or governor of a state for that matter.

  Your Loyalty to Nigeria must be 100% for you to be our president.

  Therefore the INEC, EFCC, ICPC and the SSS must set in motion immediately a machinery to determine and investigate those double standards politicians who have more houses overseas than in Nigeria and yet want to be our president or governors in 2011 and disqualify them immediately. Politicians who do not have complete allegiance to Nigeria cannot be trusted to rule over its affairs.

  As it is now we have the chance to completely heal the wound inflicted on us by the crude, unjust and parochial annulment of the June 12, 1993 elections. But if the few ambitious and myopic politicians still think they must steal power to satisfy their personal ambition well we the ordinary Nigerians will live to suffer for it. Let us be reasonable and sacrifice for the sake of future generations.

  I am very sure if Ibrahim Babangida had known that 17 years after the June 12, 1993 election annulment debacle will still hang on his neck, the annulment would be the last thing he wished he had done. Tried as he is now to create all forms of lies and excuses exonerating his person, the more he exposes himself to ridicule and is being mocked even by primary school pupils who are supposed to be his grand children.

  We knew he will chicken out of the presidential contest anyway. Hardly did he attempt resuscitating his moribund presidential ambition and that stirred more anger in already embittered Nigerians.  By the special grace of God Mr Ibrahim Babangida must apologize to all Nigerians and the Nigeria State before he will ever think of a peaceful death and probable rest in peace. Not the least because of the blood of the 212 innocent military officers killed in the Ejigbo Lagos C130 Air force crash in 1992. By the Nigerian military conditions of service, most of them would have been generals, admirals and marshals by now. I remember the very amiable and intelligent Major Sawa and he was wasted just like that.

  As for 2011 elections, let us give those regions and zones which have not and have never tested power the benefit of the doubt so that they will have a sense of belongings as belonging to Nigeria as well. Peculiar problems deserve peculiar solutions.

  After all it is God or Allah that gives power to whom he wishes.

  That being the case and notwithstanding all those politicians who have houses overseas must be disqualified from seeking elective office in Nigeria because their loyalty to Nigeria is questionable and cannot be guaranteed. At the slightest excuse they will abandon Nigeria and flee to their safe heavens overseas. INEC, EFCC, ICPC and the SSS, it is time to act now. A patriotic Nigerian must have his wealth and all his houses in Nigeria.  

  Ndiameeh Babrik