By Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze

Atiku Abubakar chances of clinching the PDP ticket got brightened on 29th November, 2010 in the South-South section of Nigeria when a member of the Presidential Election Advisory Council of Atiku Campaign Organisation, Prince Tonye Princewill inaugurated the Campaign Team in Rivers State at Muriel Hotel in Port Harcourt of Rivers State. Those inaugurated to run the State Chapter of the Atiku Campaign Organisation were Dr. Davies Ibiamu Ikanya (Chairman), Barr Osima Ginah (Secretary), Dr. Mrs. Edith Wele (Women Leader), Chief Gani Topba (Youth Leader), and Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze (Research, Strategy and Public Affairs Director).

23 Local Government Chapters of the Campaign Oragnisation was also inaugurated. Prince Tonye Princewill in his remarks admonished them to strictly stick to their roles as stated in their letters of appointment of having the responsibility to promote the interests of Atiku Abubakar's presidential campaign, including contacting and winning over as many stakeholders, delegates and voters as are required to ensure the success of his campaign in Rivers State. To carry out other activities as may be directed by the Campaign Organisation in furtherance of this objective. “I hope that you will as usual dedicate yourselves to carrying out the responsibilities that your appointment entails. In carrying out this function we should bear in mind that out of all the other Presidential aspirants both in PDP and other parties, Atiku Abubakar is the only one with a policy document on how to alleviate the suffering of our people in the South-South region of Nigeria. Apart from this, Atiku Abubakar is the only candidate who apart from the State Governments in the region is the second employer of labour that have majority of our people working in most of his establishments in the region. We are working for Atiku Abubakar because we are detribalized, honourable with our integrity intact and most importantly the future and unity of our nation is very dear to us. We believe in the zoning principle of our party as a way to sustain and ensure that a minority section like ours have a means of ruling this country when it is our turn. What we are doing may not be popular in the eyes of some people but we should instead being seen as portraying our people as people that can trusted but most critically the person we are promoting has the best agenda to alleviate the penury and sorrowful state of our region. Your campaign should be issues-oriented and should avoid personality attack or mudslinging”.

Dr Davies Ibaimu Ikanya a seasoned and awesome politician in Rivers State who has piloted the affairs of opposition political parties in Rivers State for some years now until they followed Prince Tonye Princewill back to PDP is both the Chairman of South-South and Rivers State Coordinator of Atiku Campaign Organisation. He is also the State Chairman of Princewill Political Associates (PPA) a pressure political Group that promotes the ideals, principles and ideology of Prince Tonye Princewill as a way out of the unprincipled and undemocratic acts in our nation. This astute and consummate politician in both his capacities as the South-South and Rivers State Coordinator expressed thanks to the Leader of Atiku Abubakar Campaigns in the South-South region, Prince Tonye Princewill and assured him that the region is for grab by Atiku Abubakar when the jungle matures. According to him, “For Atiku Abubakar to have emerged out of the midst of great and dreadful giants like IBB, Gusau and Dr Saraki simply proves that he is the consensus candidate not necessarily of the North but the entire nation as I am very convinced that it is a matter of time for our brother President Jonathan to see reasons and respect the position of PDP on zoning of which he was a signatory and join camp with Atiku Abubakar to have a united, vibrant PDP to face the likely onslaught by other opposition political parties in the country. We must commend the Ciroma led Committee in achieving this great idea that have gone a long way in restoring unity and integrity to our party and country. From the caliber of men and women assembled to coordinate the affairs of the campaigns in the State and Local Government Areas, we will encourage Atiku Abubakar to go and sleep and not worry himself of campaigning in the region as the region is for him without any much opposition”.

The meeting ended with distribution of posters, electoral campaign materials.

Chief Eze Chukwuemeka Eze,
Director, Research, Strategy and Public Affairs.