$50,ooo Bribe: I did not bribe anyone -Orubebe …You are a liar -SNG

Source: pointblanknews.com

Tunde Bakare
Minister for Niger Delta, Elder Godsday Orubebe has denied bribing a delegation of the Save Nigeria Group, SNG, led by Pastor Tunde Bakare of the Later Rain Assembly with $50,000.00, describing it as false as there is no reasons to do so but the group insist that the minister is being economical with the truth.

Pastor Bakare told Saharareporters.com that indeed the Presidency through Orubebe gave the delegation of the SNG a sum of $50,000.00 which the group returned through another aide of President Goodluck Jonathan.

“You can quote me. I don't do deals and I don't lie. Tony [Uranta] could be saving his own face. Tony lied that he didn't collect the money from us. There are living witnesses. Orubebe has confirmed to me that the money was returned. Mr. President is aware through Oronto Douglas that we returned his money through Tony,” Pastor Bakare told Sahareporters.com

Another member of the SNG delegation, Mr. Yinka Odumakin also confirmed that the group was offered a $50,000.000 bribe.

According to him, “Before we could drive off he [Orubebe] brought the 'gift' from the President and he said so. We rejected the money instantly but he was persistent. Wisdom dictated we couldn't be creating scene at the [Aso Rock] villa gate after midnight.”

“We headed to our hotel and called Mr. Tony Uranta to come up with us. We then called Orubebe and put him on speaker to let him know that we are returning the money through Uranta back to him and to the president. Mr. Uranta then said that he appreciated our integrity.”

However, Orubebe in a terse statement sent to Pointblanknews.com said “I have read, with a deep sense of shock and disappointment, allegations made against me in an on-line medium, claiming that I attempted to bribe the leadership of the Save Nigeria Group, SNG, after a visit with the president.”

“I find these allegations deeply distressing, and I am certain that the highly respected Pastor Tunde Bakare must have been quoted out of context. I am forced to react to these allegations only because I would consider it an insult for anyone to attempt to bribe someone of that stature, visiting with his group, and with, of all sums, 50,000 dollars.”

“True, a bribe is a bribe, no matter the sum. This is the reason why I am all the more concerned and worried about these claims. What I however find intriguing is that there is absolutely no reason to bribe the Save Nigeria Group. When the body on its own volition rose to challenge the sense of drift that had befallen the country over the illness of our late leader, Mallam Umaru Musa Yar’adua, did anyone bribe them?”

“So it is hard to believe that any right thinking person would attempt to do so now. If a bribe is intended to induce someone to either do something, or to refrain from doing it, what in objective terms would I need to bribe the SNG for at this time?”

“This is a false story that should be dismissed by all right thinking persons.”


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