Kwakwaduam Association Inc participates in Research

By Alex Boafo

The Kwakwaduam Association of the New York Tri State Area has been invited to participate in a research project on the “Comparative Analysis of Diasporian interactions between Senegal and Ghana.

The research is being carried out by the Institute for the Interdisciplinary Social Analysis of Complex Global Challenges of the Willamette University Salem, Oregon.

The choice of Kwakwaduam Association is because of the recognition of the extensive involvement of Kwakwaduam in projects back in Ghana. It will be recalled that Kwakwaduam just completed a $24,000 water project for the School for the Blind in Akropong among other things and is in the middle of a proposal to construct a water closet toilet and sanitary system for Akropong in the Akwapim region.

The lead researchers Ms Sarah Kutten, Director, Institute for the Interdisciplinary

Social Analysis of Complex Global Challenges and Professor Millen were in New York to interview Dr. Alex Aniapam Boafo, President of Kwakwaduam. They were highly impressed with the vision and mission of Kwakwaduam and pledged their collaboration and networking with Kwakwaduam. “We are very much impressed by your work and we

look forward to learning more about the Association in the coming year” on quote

While in New York, the Researchers had also interviewed Dr. Oheneba Boachie Adjei, President of FOCOS (The Foundation of Complex Orthopedic Surgery) whose outfit has had similar extensive activity in Ghana.

The Institute plans to send a group of Students to Ghana in June to further study the extent to which Ghanaian Diasporian organizations have been involved in Development projects in back home in Ghana and to make a documentary film on the subject. Last year the Institute has travelled to Senegal on a similar mission as part of the initial phase of the research protocol.

Kwakwaduam on its part indicated a desire to facilitate the research project and to help the Institute in any way it could while in Ghana.

Visit Kwakwaduam on the net at AkropongKwakwaduam.Net