By Richard Eghaghe
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Playing sexy roles in films may be taking its toll on Nigeria top female movie star, Uche Iwuji. Having featured in about thirty films in her ten years acting career, the sensational actress, an undergraduate of Creative Art of the University of Lagos (UNILAG), told Showtime Celebrity that she has so far dated five men without winning their hearts for marriage.
“The sixth will be the final one” she declares.


How many movies have you starred in so far?

I have done close to thirty.

Could you name some of the titles?

I took part in Aristo, Passion And Pains, My Heart Desire, My Dream………..

And how long have you been in the industry?

Close to ten years now.

How did your acting career start?

I started acting in my church. From there I met Zeb Ejiro and I told him that I wanted to take acting as a career. He asked if I have acted before and I said yes, I have been doing it in my church. He then gave me a role to play and I played it to his satisfaction and that was how I started acting.

Which was your first film?

Tears In Heaven.

How did you feel appearing in a film for the very first time?

I was happy, It was an opportunity to act..

What is your real name?

My name is Uche Evelyn Iwuji.

Are you now married?


Is it because of your roles or career as a movie star that is making it difficult for you to get hooked?

Laughs…. I can't really say. You know it's really difficult because most of the guys I have met in the past pretend to fall in love. And immediately ask you to stop acting and all that. It's a difficult task and it has been a problem for us.

Do you mean you can't sacrifice your acting career for marriage when a man knocks on your door for marriage?

Yes, I can. I will do something else. I will put my head somewhere else and keep my marriage.

Are you thinking of marriage now?

Yes, I am thinking of marriage.

Do you have somebody on the line?

No, not for now. I used to have one but it ended and we packed it up. Since then, I have decided to keep to myself.

Was it because you weren't ready to give up your acting career?

No. It didn't happen like that. The relationship didn't work out. That was it.

So, what is your next step?

Em…. I am in school now. I have decided to concentrate fully on my studies, after which, I may begin to think about marriage.

Which school are you attending?

The University of Lagos (UNILAG)

And what course are you studying?

Creative Art.

What level are you now?

300 level.

Do you still find time to act?

Occasionally yes, but the school time table is really taking more of my time.

Do you intend to take acting on full time after graduation?

I might if I don't see my husband before then. If I see my husband, and he tells me to find something else to do, I will abide.

What kind of roles do you love to play in films?

Sexy roles, possessive roles, projecting role - any challenging role, in short.

In which of the films have you actually played sexy roles before?

Total Control and some others

What was it all about?

It was all about six girls searching for greener pasture. They have to do anything and everything to get there including going to bed with different men.

How has playing sexy roles affected you?

It has really affected me because the guys out there feels this girl is very hot (laughs) and they want to have you in bed.

They expect us to look like what we play in films, as a person in real life; 'sex bloody' and that is not possible because it's just a movie and we are only playing a role. They hold on to their imagination and keep calling and wanting you to hook up and do it with them.

They want to see us in person in real life do it to them, so to say, which is not true about us. We have our discipline. It is only the God fearing ones that take you reasonable or think reasonably about you. They take you for what you are and tell you the truth.

The other men that just want to have you simply come around to flatter you and that is it.

It's as if you work on men's imagination a lot. Don't you think this will make it difficult for you to fall in love?

I don't even love again. It ended last year


I don't see the need for it because when you decided to love someone and he ends up breaking your heart. What is the need? So I don't love.

Don't you have love in you?

No, I don't have. So, I don't give. It ended last year.

Do you mean to say you are taking your time?

Hmm... something like that.

Who is this guy that caused this damage to your love?

I don't want to talk about him. I don't want to remember him.

What kind of guy would you want to restore your love?

The man must be God fearing. He must go to church for me to love him.

Is that all?

Emm. That is the kind of person I want. A Church goer.

If he happens to be a whiteman and an unbeliever?

He just has to go to Church for me to love him. Obviously, not all whitemen or foreigners in Nigeria go to church but when you meet them and tell them about Church, they want to go with you and in the process end up giving their lives to God.

So you may prefer a White man now because a lot of your female colleagues are gunning for them?

Not really, but anyone that comes is okay by me. But he must go to Church. Even the Whiteman shows more love.

They are really crazy about love. They take you on tour and make you see things you often dreamt about. They do many things to make you feel that you are needed. But a black man especially a Nigerian, he wouldn't take you to where you want to be. He keeps you there in the house and there is no time. There is not much time for the two of you to go out as lovers, like going for picnic, shopping, travelling, and doing things that really ignite love.

How old are you now?

I am 26 years old.

And how many men have you dated since attaining adulthood?

(Pause) five men

Are you sure?

Honestly, five men.

And the five of them disappointed you?

You can imagine, they disappointed me and that is why I no longer love. I have put an end to it.

And if the sixth comes...?

He will be the last man standing.

What, if he disappoints?

(laughter)… I will end up being single.

You won't give the seventh a chance…?

(laughter) What are you wishing for me? To continue to try, try and try again? Not me. The sixth man must work in Jesus name. That is why I have decided to forget all about love for now and concentrate on my studies.

How will your parents and family feel?

I don't know.