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Today's talk might sound strange to people with overweight problem who have spent huge sum of money trying to lose weight. Check these comments out—

Jacqui, please, advise me on what to eat so I can add some flesh. I eat everything but it hardly shows on my body.

Jacqui, what is wrong with me? All I do is eat and eat all the food you labelled junk and banned people who are overweight from eating but, I still look very skinny. Am I sick or something?

Jacqui, am so skinny to the extent that I do not want to live anymore.

Lamentations of ladies who are trying all they can to add some flesh. Someone who is overweight and reading this right now is saying to herself,— Give me a break ladies, why don't we switch bodies? C'mon Jacqui, just list out all the foods you prohibited for fat people like me and save yourself some time. M-mm!!

Some how my friend, you could be right because eating too much food without caution and ceasing is a major cause of overweight and obesity. On the other hand, you will be surprised that these group of people's weight problem is more deep, takes more time, very sensitive to handle than overweight people. Apart from food, there are other causes as well. When they come to me, their therapy sessions and period takes more time. Have you ever wondered why someone who eats all the time, every kind of food, without break should still be skinny? Is it not confusing and disturbing as well?

When someone with overweight problem registers for therapy, I hardly lost too much sleep except on how to convince him or her to EXERCISE!!. Exercise for XL individuals? H-A-R-D Job folks!! They hate it!! They simply do not want to hear or talk about it. You can also cannot lose weight a long term without it. Then when a lady comes with a problem of wanting to add some flesh, it gives me great concern. because there is a lot involved. First, I have to make sure that I stabilize the Emotional and Psychological conditions of such a lady. At this stage, she is totally depressed, confused and has given up as well so I must ensure that she is back to normal before recommendation of foods, etc.

This situation is also worse with our African ladies because they are always keen on a 'FIX-QUICK' which does not last long. An African woman still do not get what it means to be on a therapy. They just do not get it but that is what most of them need in combination with health supplements and proper healthy foods. Therapy helps you to discover the cause of your BODY IMAGE problem so that after treatment you will not fall back to it and you know how to manage your entire body and life.

If you do not understand why you are so skinny after lots and lots of food consumption, no diet plan can effectively work for you. These group of people has a lot of 'rumbles and garbage ' in the inside of them and if you do not detoxify them, you are wasting your time.

Let me give you a hint—- 'How do you erase such ugly name tag like (kpanla-bony fish) given to a skinny person, in just one consultation? How about getting back to track the bubbling life of a young pretty lady; who goes on compulsory starvation or hunger strike just because she was dumped by a long time lover; who promised to marry her but changes his mind after 3,4,5 years? Can you solve her skinny shape in just one day by listing some food for her to eat without bringing or restoring her sanity? If you do not put her on therapy, she could just be walking on the road one day and slumps and die!! Due to lack of healthy food nourishment and peace of mind coupled with depression, anger, rejection and the zeal to keep living.

For those of you trapped in a body that makes you miserable(too skinny/too fat) just get ready to bounce bacvk to real life soon. Hey, LIFE is too short so, every opportunity GOD gives you each day to open your eyes, make the best of it and live it to the fullest by loving and appreciating your ENTIRE YOU!!!

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