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I was at the World Igbo Conference that took place in Philadelphia (USA) in September 2010. At the event, I lost my respect for Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu. He was at the head of government delegation to sell Jonathan's candidacy to the Igbo in USA; there is nothing wrong about that.

But Iwuanyanwu starting (myopically) unwittingly to say that the reason Igbo should support Jonathan in 2011 election is because he (Jonathan) has an Igbo name (Azikiwe); therefore he concluded, Jonathan is one of 'us' and deserves our support. Most attendees were disappointed at this parochial presentation.

He may have enlisted in the 'senile' group of Uwechue's. Jonathan being an

'Igbo-man' how then was Iwuanyanwu convinced that after Jonathan, from 2015 another Igbo-man would justifiably be president for further eight years? His submission was parochial and intellectually deficient.

Appreciated was the gentlemanly presentation of Dr. Chidi Amuta. He was there to sell the candidacy of IBB. Amuta exposed Iwuanyanwu and earned the respect of most people at the gathering. He made no pretences that IBB remains his friend who did things that benefited the entire Nigerians and particularly the Igbo nation.

He said that Iwuanyanwu remains a major recipient of IBB's liberalism. How? Amuta said that with IBB liberalizing many sectors: Iwuanyanwu benefited ABC Merchant Bank; benefited Oriental Airline; benefited Oil bloc; benefited Champion newspaper. Before those, IBB it was that identified Iwuanyanwu as a young Igbo engineer in detention and contributed to his release which thereafter made him benefit from road construction contracts with his Hanel & Enic Company.

After Amuta's speech, Iwuanyanwu wanted a second chance to respond, but people were against such. It took again the intervention of Amuta for him to have the opportunity. Iwuanyanwu confirmed all Amuta said but insisted that his annoyance was that IBB did not visit to inform him of his desire to contest. Before the Conference ended, Iwuanyanwu was nowhere to be found around.

Iwuanyanwu's position smacks of selfishness inherent in some of our so-called Igbo leaders; and this is not a good example for our upcoming youth to emulate.

Dr. Ikechukwu Anunobi, Plot 1113 Nkisi Road, Onitsha, Anambra State [email protected]