My Lips Make Men Go Crazy

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Amanda Ebeye is a beautiful, sexy and talented actress in Nollywood. She spoke on many issues in this interview with NollywoodReel

Q: Tell us about yourself?
A: I'm from a family of five, four girls and one boy. My father is an engineer and my mother is a fashion designer. I read International Relations and Diplomacy, and graduated in 2005. Now, I'm in the entertainment world as an artiste.

Q: Why did you venture into entertainment after studying international relations?
A: I will say the flair for acting and the desire to be on the screen. It is something I had always wanted to do.

Q: Why didn't you study Theatre Arts?
A: My father was against it. He wanted me to be a doctor or something, but I refused and along the way I switched to Arts Class. That is how I ended up studying International Relations.

Q: So since you started acting, how has the journey been?
A: It has not been really rosy, but with God on my side, it has been good.

Q: Why has it not been rosy?
A: It is like every other job, you have to struggle. You have to go through the normal process. I'm still going through it anyway but it is now getting better.

Q: What are the jobs you've done so far?
A: I did Royal Messenger, Eldorado, Images (played the lead role), I did Weeping Tiger, Senseless by Fidelis Duker. After that, I went to Ghana to shoot another movie for M-Net and on my arrival, I did the current Super Story. I have also done Extended Family, though it's not out yet, among others.

Q: What are the sacrifices you've made?
A: As I said, it is not easy, it's been very stressful. At times, you won't have money on you and you need to go for auditions and all that... but what has really helped me is the patience and determination.

Q: What about sexual harassment?
A: I have never been sexually harassed. I don't know... it is something people talk about but I have not experienced it.

Q: How come you have not experienced it when about 80 per cent of your colleagues are complaining bitterly about it?
A: It happens everywhere, but maybe because we entertainers are in the spotlight, that is why there is so much noise about it here. It happens in banks, institutions, even in Bollywood and Hollywood. I think it depends on individuals and the way you handle yourself. Nobody has ever told me that 'if you don't sleep with me, I won't give you a role'. It is how you present yourself that determines how you will be treated. I go to the National Theatre and see some of these people claiming that they are being sexually harassed. If you see the way they dress, it is tempting. So how come such people will not be harassed?

Q: So, you're saying it is actresses who harass producers and directors?
A: Yes, in most cases. I'm saying this because a man is a man, and a man that sees a woman will always want her, but it depends on how the lady presents herself. Most of these girls believe they can be like other stars by cutting corners, but that is wrong. I'm not completely blaming the artistes, but part of the blame is on them.

Q: What is the unique thing about you?
A: The unique thing about me is that I'm a confident person and I believe in what I have. And what I have are my assets, my intellect, which makes me stand out. A lot of people have this as well but they don't have the confidence. For me, I have it and I think that has made me unique.

Q: Were you intimidated by the so-called stars when you started, I mean those already in the industry?
A: At times on location, I have witnessed situations where the stars will look down on the upcoming ones. Like when I did Senseless, I worked with Bimbo Akintola, Femi Branch, Ngozi Ezeonu... it was a star-studded thing and I enjoyed it because they were accommodating. I played most of my scenes with Bimbo Akintola and I really enjoyed her because she was accommodating. I just looked at her, admired her and learnt a lot of things from her. I wasn't intimidated because we worked hand in hand.

Q: As a beautiful actress, how do you cope with your male admirers?
A: I cope the way I'm supposed to cope and as a girl. God has given me the ability to cope with them. When they approach me and say 'oh, you are a beautiful girl,' I tell them thank you, it's a compliment and every morning it keeps me smiling.

Q: What is your selling point?
A: The major thing, first of all, is talent: the ability to deliver your roles properly. And the looks, you have to look good on screen, and I think I have that.

Q: What is that thing that gets men crazy about you?
A: First of all, what will attract a man to you when he had not heard you speak is your look, so maybe the way I look. I don't know, may be my face, eyes, lips...

Q: Some of the men must have told you what fascinates them about you really...
A: Some say I have very striking eyes, lips and so on. But I think it is my lips.

Q: Who is the lucky man in your life?
A: I don't have any man for now.

Q: So you are searching?
A: I'm not searching. It should be a romantic person (laughs).

Q: How far can you go in interpreting a role?
A: I can go very far, even farther than the writer wants me to.

Q: So, can you act nude?
A: I can't act nude!

Q: Why?
A: My mother won't watch the film (laughs heartily)... She is the only one supporting me and she has always warned me about the kind of roles I play. She did not say I should not play kissing roles, but not nude ones.

Q: What are your aspirations in Nollywood?
A: To touch people's lives positively through my movies. I hope to do movies that both the youths and the older generation will learn from and appreciate.

Q: If you are asked to change a bad habit of yours, what will that be?
A: I don't know if it is actually a bad habit, I get worried easily. I always want things to go my own way. And when I notice things are not going the way I want them to go, I get very disturbed. I want everything to be perfect.