"Arrow through my Heart"

By Melanie Miller

"Arrow through my Heart"
I knew you'd break my heart,
from the very beginning, from the very start.
You put your cupids' arrow through my tender heart.

Now we aren't together, now..we're apart.
Why'd you shoot your hurtfull arrow, through my heart?

"In Bloom Again and Again"

Wear your rosebuds, that your sweetheart,
showed you, he truly cares,
if you'd be so bold, to take that dare.
Make a bracelet charm, wrap it sweetly around your arm.

See the roses dance with delight, in front of your eyes.

Look at all the colorful hues.
So don't get the blues, just know your lover, loved you enough,

to give you those dandy roses.

"A World inside a Rainbow"

If the world, wore inside a rainbow-
then people would see, a many of different colours.

They'd see a whole new spectrum, before them.
And they would know and believe-
that colours do not really matter...
that they are all a scatter, walking about.
If the world-wore inside a rainbow..
the world would shout,
"I never want to get out''
Because...the world, would be...
a newer and more beautiful place...
One not full or hurt or disgrace.
So climb inside that world, with me...
and you will find it will be a much better place,
to be.

"Pretty Pearls, all in a Row"

Pretty pearls,
count them...one...two...three.
They're all there-
can't you see?
They're quite beautiful,
don't you agree?
Pretty pearls-
the tiniest of orbs-
that make a woman...daydream, and in their thoughts absorbs,

their beauty, its' splendor, it can be captured-
in the mind at first sight.
Its' one single bead-
in the eye of the beholder,
that takes pure delight,
in its' candor.
Suddenly, don't ask me why-
but I feel the need to buy pearls.
Now I ask you, is that shelfish?
But still, for a pearl necklace-I want them...even if they grew as a flower-

I'd pluck them, stem by stem.

"Presents to Yourself"

Sterling silver bows, delicate like a rose-
wear them on your precious fingers,
not on your tinsy toes.
Look at its' black stone-
incased inside the silver.
What and how does it inspire you?
Does it send a romantic flush, in your heart?
Does it remind you, of a blush-
someone made you feel
when he handed you a gift?
Does it make you feel, so real-
more part of yourself?
Does your present bring you joy?
Or is it surreal?
Tell me, how does that present, of yours,
truly make you feel?