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Loving Life

By Melanie Miller
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You see the trees, their colors so bright in the spring.

You wear a diamond ring, and it is so lovely to behold.

You feel the wind wrap around your soul and you want to lose all control.

You see those mountains and you think to yourself, how beautiful they all are.

You see the seas and wish to become apart of the seas.

You feel alive in your heart, when you see loving couples together, smiling at one another,

and it makes you feel giddy inside your heart.
You see people dancing and you want to dance too
and you see lovers holding hands, in the park.
You see a robin and it is singing perhaps a song just for you.

You want to reach out and touch it, but it will fly away, this you know.

You see a weeping willow and hear it cry and wondery why it does so.

You see the storms and wonder why it doth storm.
You are inspired by many things, to write a song or a poem,

and you write what ever comes to mind, something lovely you write about.

You feel enchanted by your first kiss, your real first love...and you are at peace...with life.

So love life, for all it's worth and never take it for granted...

Love what you have and not what you want and desire.

Be grateful for those little things in life, that come along on a rainy day and feel like love,

is what you need in your life, the very most.
Just live for today and see a brighter tomorrow and never feel dismay, just feel happy when you can.

and when you see the sun shining, think it is for you alone, and love life I say and love it every day.