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He tried in vain to use the Governors Forum which he headed to undermine President Jonathan but his colleagues would not be fooled. Saraki has a good record to have imported Zimbabean farmers to Kwara but neither Kwarans nor Nigerians have seen the dividend of the white farmers. Until then, Saraki should occupy himself with farming to wit; to provide cheap and affordable food for our people.

For Atiku Abubakar, a fine politician and dogged fighter, but unfortunately has nothing new to offer in today's politics. If he had followers, his macabre dance to Action Congress and an unceremonious U-turn to the PDP, has made nonsense of his political career..For Aliyu Gusau, he is little known in administration. His name is synonymous to a spy. It is on record that he does his security brief very well. He should honestly be advised to help Nigeria address her security challenges and certainly that does not include president of the most populous nation in black Africa.

For Ibrahim Babangida, one hopes he is not mistaking popularity (Positive or Negative) for acceptability Babangida had a lot of followers in his hey days as military President. But that was then. Nigerians are too enlightened to be fooled again. Hundreds of thousands of lives and properties were lost and till date most Nigerians are still counting their loses. Above all, the avoidable incident created distrust and lack of confidence among Nigerians.

People till date except to pretend otherwise still live in suspicion.Perhaps embarrassed by these ugly record of his, Babangida wants to return to Aso Rock to make amends. But he needs not return to Aso Rock. He should honestly apologize to the nation and make necessary suggestions to who ever wins in 2011.The honest truth is that Babangida continuous quest for power would only demystify him, render him politically impotent and ultimately be abandoned by the fair weather friends now following him and would not tell him the reality on ground.For Jonathan, it is sheer destiny and divine call to duty.

And when one remembers that power truly belongs to God and he gives to him or her according to his wish, it is only natural to let Jonathan be. Historically and even Biblically, it is legendary of records of such emergence to leadership like Joseph in the Jewish literature books, such men come in for a mission and it comes once in the life time . So if one son of a fisherman, a former school teacher from one obscure and little known Ogbia village in Bayelsa state called Goodluck Jonathan is that who comes in our generation, it is only fair to let him be, because challenging him judging from his antecedents and rise to stardom is akin to challenging our creator.

•Mohammed Kolo  lives in Abuja.