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Rejoinder: 2011: Yuguda, Goodluck And The Tricks of Bauchi Politicians

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Please we should mind what we tell people and also mind the way we deceive the electorates, because somebody outside Bauchi will think that this administration is doing alot, whereas nothing is happening. Nothing absolutely is happing in Bauchi State; is it the one road Mr. President was to commission? or the Sa'adu Zungur Primary School, which only needed renovation and not demolition; where a new one was built to cover-up? We should stop deceiving people for our selfish gain.

The worse administration we have ever witnessed in the democracy in the state. How I wish that I have another alternative. All roads constructed by this administration as it claim are not tarred; it is only the one Mr. President would have commissioned, which is not up to a kilometer and God saved him from the embarrassment.

Let us draw our attention to the past administration; during that administration if you come to Bauchi you will know that something is happing in the state. Mu'azu in his 100 days in Office commissioned 100 projects to credit.   The present administration is absolutely doing nothing, please. Some of the project it claim today were started by the past administration. We have never witness drastic shortage of water supply in the state like this administration. Presently, it is over a month without steady water supply; people have to revert to drinking water from the well.

People lost their properties from different crisis, I am a victim of circumstances; where the Governor said publicly that he will never compensate Christians unless the Plateau State Government compensate the Muslims in Plateau State, which also led to the Bauchi State House of Assembly opting to send Plateau State indigene out of Bauchi State.

Is that what people want for democracy we are preaching? He supported fully the crisis in Plateau State; is that type of leader we want? From 2007 - date 15 or more than crisis has happened in the state without him taking any tentative step to address those abnormalities. Somebody that has no charisma, somebody who when you listen to him can speak like a leader? People elected him into power in 2007 and are now just following him for sake of his money and because he in power.

I think we should start telling ourselves the truth, nothing but the truth. Anybody you hear him/her supporting this administration is a beneficiary. Dividends of democracy are not sharing money; but what would people remember you after your tenure, those things that will long be remembered.

The only administration in the country that forced the Banks to close their signboard due to the high rate of task imporse on the Banks in the name of raising revenue for the state.

I believe this group was is aimed at creating awareness and pass vital information the people, so the real thing that is the electorate should be properly guided to do the right thing if we are to conduct free and fair election in the 2011. The only free and fair election is the ABIOLA.

There are two indigenes of Bauchi State that wrote petition to the EFCC on serious allegations of misappropriation funds of about forty billion naira with facts, which the EFCC has done nothing to that regards. At the end of this administration which I know he is at almost the end of his administration because he will never win the election if the election will be free and fair as that of 2007, he never win again; unless he will revert to the PDP formula.

May God help and save us from wicked leaders of this country.   Ibrahim A. Amos