By NBF News

The Export Manager, MAHLE , Vincent Valette, has classified Mahle Group of companies as one of the top three Motor engine system suppliers worldwide.

He disclosed this at the company's Dealers' Forum held recently in Lagos.

'MAHLE is one of the top three motor engine system suppliers in the world. Innovative strength has always been the engine of our success. MAHLE has grown from a small test workshop into a global company and technology leader.'

Addressing dealers and importers of motor spare parts and journalists at the forum, Valette said the company with its headquarters in France, operates in many countries of the world, including Africa.

Speaking on the distribution network, the Export Manager said the company has full business operation in most African countries, including Nigeria, which has their largest market capacity. He stated that the European MAHLE Sales and Distribution Centre are responsible for West African countries.

' The company is a motor engine specialist. It produces full range engine parts such as piston also known as the heart of engine, filter, rings and a host of other items. The company produces about one hundred million filter, piston and rings and has about 2,300 employees,' he added.

On product repackaging concept, he said that since 2005, all brands have changed their packaging into MAHLE aftermarket design, with the official name and logo tagged ' Perfect Circle (PC)'.

Briefing journalists on whether the company plans to set up a factory in Africa, perhaps in Nigeria, Valette said for now , there is no such plan but in the future, it may be feasible, as the outfit is ascending the ladder of success in the business.

On what measures to checkmate pirating and faking of MAHLE products, he said stickers bearing their logos (PC) are always placed on every box or containers of their products. He urged customers to be mindful of this. Valette also disclosed that the company has always implored Government and the Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) to assist in fighting counterfeit products of MAHLE which imported from some countries.

He, however, appealed to the media to help sensitize the public on the need to always recognize the original products of MAHLE and avoid fake products.

The brand MAHLE stands for engine components and filters of uncompromising quality - in original equipment and in the aftermarket. This brand is backed-up by a group with worldwide activities, highly innovative R&D facilities and an efficient network of international production sites and that supplies the automotive equipment market with high-quality products: MAHLE. Therefore, it stands to reason that this brand should also become the main brand in the international aftermarket - and this under the well-known name MAHLE Original.

He said, up to now, the engine components of MAHLE have been available under the brand MAHLE Original and the filters under the brand MAHLE Filter. 'But strictly speaking, it could be said that all MAHLE products are 'original MAHLE'. Therefore, we have now abolished the distinction between engine components and filters - and all MAHLE products are now called MAHLE Original,' he explained.