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GADFLY GADHAFY BITES AFRICAN ELEPHANT: Nigeria should break diplomatic relationship with Libya and Iran.

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The Arab world desperately wants Nigeria dead or under their firm control. In early March 2010, Gadhafi aware that Iran was already putting together the arms consignment to be used for Nigeria’s jihad, and taking advantage of the confusion and almost total vacuum in Nigeria’s leadership at the time, announced with glee, confidence, misplaced arrogance and without diplomatic finesse of any sort, that Nigeria should break into several countries or at least into two on religious basis of Islam versus Christians or North versus South. Gadhafi was in fact alerting his terrorists on the ground in Nigeria to begin to prepare for the mayhem planned for Nigeria and was assuring them that he would back them to the hilt with money, further arsenals and all. The Arab world wants a Somali or Sudan situation in Nigeria, preferring the Somali scenario if they cannot control Nigeria because as they claim, Nigeria is too large. What they mean by too large is that Nigerian influence in Africa is creating a clog in their efforts at Arabizing all of Africa. Gadhafi is the arrowhead of the Arab world’s Arabization policy in Africa. Gadhafi after forcibly annexing the Auzon Strip from Chad, sponsored destabilization in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Mali, Cote d’ Ivoire, Niger, etc in pursuance of the Arabization of Africa policy, laced with inordinate imperial personal ambition. In 1998, his strategy got a fillip with the founding of his community of Sahel-Savannah States (CEN – SAD), which he was hoping to use to control the envisaged African Union (AU.) The CEN – SAD, at the moment, ropes in 25 African states from West, East, and Central Africa, and includes Senegal, Cote d’Ivore, Chad, Sudan, Somalia, Comoro Islands etc. Most of these unsuspecting African countries were stable until they joined CEN – SAD. Nigeria refused to join CEN-SAD but the Arabs had earlier used the jihadist military President Babangida to smuggle Nigeria into the full membership of the Organization of Islamic countries (OIC). Nigeria is not an Islamic country, if anything she is circular by her constitutional provisions and yet Nigeria remains a member of the OIC even now and becomes active in it when a Northern President is in power. On 9 May, 1997, in flagrant defiance of a UN embargo on flights in and out of Libya, Col. Gadhafi invaded Nigeria with his planes carrying 1,000 members of his rag-tag army, plus 500 journalists. They strategically occupied the Kano airport and his other reception facilities, with the connivance of his Nigerian Muslim dictator host. The purpose was to launch a jihad in supposedly religiously secular Nigeria, or at least precipitate a serious schism between the predominantly Moslem north of the country and the Christian and animist south. Nigeria proved too sophisticated to be so cheaply destabilized so Gadhafi settled for an accommodation to come to the aid of Abacha who was ready to plunge Nigeria into chaos at the time to become President for life in the mould of President Nassir of Egypt. The deal was finally sealed during Abacha’s overnight strategizing meeting with Gadhafi in Chad just before Abacha died mysteriously in office frolicking with Arab prostitutes. With Nigeria returning to the semblance of civilian leadership in 1999, the Arab world decided to use ‘Sharia’ to dismember Nigeria. Pakistan, Libya and Saudi Arabia, to name a few countries, pumped substantial funds into Zamfara, the first of Nigeria’s Sharia states, to start the process of Islamizing, (or at least to trigger mayhem and civil war) in Nigeria as in the Sudan. There have been a series of skirmishes since then in the guise of Islamic fundamentalists such as the desert Al-Qaidas from Algeria and Mali, the Boko Haram sects in Nigeria and imported jihadists from the neighbouring countries of Niger and Chad, sacking whole Nigerian villages at night or burning down police stations and killing law enforcement officers in broad day light. By the time Iran was ready, after some quick negotiations, to begin the shipment of 13 container loads of war arsenals to Nigeria, including rockets and rocket launchers, Nigeria had reached leadership crisis breaking point. Yar’Adua’s wife was virtually ruling the country by proxy with the national security adviser, topmost military leadership and most of the federal cabinet members supporting her and taking instructions from her. Her Attorney General, who appeared to have no legal education what-so-ever and was interpreting the Nigerian Constitution like a five year old kid, was claiming that Yar’Adua could rule the country from Mongolia indefinitely and that Nigerians have no right to enquire into the president’s mental state of health or any other. According to the counterfeit Attorney General, the president cannot be replaced by his deputy. The deputy must continue to take instructions from his boss, in other words, from his proxy, Madam President, because at the time, Nigeria’s sick President Yar’Adua was already brain dead in a Saudi hospital as guest of the Saudi monarch. Saudi Arabia connived with the family of Yar’Adua and the leadership of the Nigerian army at the time, a General of Northern Nigerian extraction, to smuggle Yar’Adua back into Nigeria like a thief in the night. The Nigerian security system was severely breached and troops were moved from the North to secure strategic locations at the nation’s capital Abuja, including the seat of power, for the clandestine incidence. In the morning, they ransacked the Acting President’s office to intimidate him and tried to stage a coup by laying in wait for the Acting President, Goodluck Jonathan, to occupy the President’s seat so as to be arrested by them for usurping the seat of the President who had returned in the night to the country. The Iranian cargo of death was already on its way to Nigeria then and would have come in handy eventually but for the patience and security astuteness of the Acting President Jonathan. The grounds for clearing the Iranian cargo of death had been carefully prepared. The head of Customs was Yar’Adua’s wife’s family member so proper documentation procedure was breached as there was no form ‘M’ and other compulsory documents required for all importations. The grossly improper and inadequate shipment document used for the deadly cargo, with the cooperation of the Iranian Embassy in Nigeria to facilitate quick diplomatic clearance, claimed that the cargo contained building materials. Due to serious public clamour, Acting President Jonathan sacked ministers supporting Yar’Adua’s wife’s intrigues in government, on 17 March, 2010, thus unknowingly making it difficult for the Iranian arsenals to be cleared when it eventually arrives at the Apapa ports, since there would be no one with sufficient authority in government to give the go ahead for the illegal importation to be cleared. Yar’Adua’s body finally gave way in April 2010 so the wife could no longer continue her puppet master public displays of padding and propping-up the dummy president to the applause of some two-for-a-kobo prostitute religious leaders. The Iranian cargo that had been awaiting clearance for a while at the Apapa ports was finally exposed and detained only in June after President Jonathan had made sweeping changes in his security apparatus. An Iranian, Sheikh Ali Abbas Othman Hassan, with home in Abuja, and appearing to use his cleric suit as cover for terrorist activities in Nigeria, has been fingered and detained as a principal suspect for the importation of the cargo of death. Two other Iranian fronts behind the importation, Mr. Azini Agajany and Mr. Sayeed Akbar Tahmaesebi, are at the time of this report hiding in the Iranian embassy in Lagos. For damage control measures and to distract the Nigerian Security Agencies, the Iranian Prime Minister while attending the Club of 8 developing Countries (D8) meeting in Abuja in late July 2010, pledged solidarity with Nigeria’s plan for nuclear technology acquisition for peaceful use. And in the heat of the commotion over the arms import, Iran, a backward football country, offered to play a friendly football match with Nigeria in mid November 2010, with all expenses paid by Iran. In the meantime, Iran’s Secret Agency had hoax-leaked to Israeli Security that the Iranian arms were heading for Gaza. Israel bought the idea due to her morbid fear of Iran, and inspired the insinuation in the Nigerian Security circles, that the cargo could be en-route to Israel. That is because Israel was unaware of the Arab world’s diabolical designs for and track record in Nigeria and Africa. Nigeria is not so close an ally of Israel that Israel would turn a blind eye to the shipment of huge illegal arms from Nigeria that does not produce arms. The consignment was being cleared here and illegally too, to use it to facilitate a jihad in Africa’s most populous and influential country, Nigeria, and Iran’s government is culpable. Due to security scare, President Jonathan could not fly out as scheduled, to attend the UN General Assembly meeting in late September, 2010, until he reshuffled the military hierarchy and accepted or sacked his security adviser, Gen. Gusau, an IBB nurtured errand boy, standing as proxy candidate for the do-or-Nigeria die IBB presidency in 2011. Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida, (IBB), the jihadists’ former dictator-President of Nigeria and his cohorts have vowed to prevent Goodluck Jonathan from completing the two terms he won with his leader, President Yar’Adua, on the pretence of defending rotational Presidency that re-cycles rogues and largely illiterate leaders bereft of leadership ideas. The rogues recruited AIT, a popular Television station strapped desperately for funds, to fight their cause for them. There is the allegation that the Abuja bomb blast on the 50th anniversary of Nigeria’s independence was an attempt to make Nigeria look insecure and a failed state in the eyes of the rest of the world.

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