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Akpabio Unwittingly Shrinking His Chances

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From all available scenarios in Akwa Ibom politics, one sees the State Governor, Chief (Dr.) Godswill Obot Akpabio, having difficult times. But just as many are blaming former Governor Victor Attah for throwing up Akpabio as the governor, Akpabio is being blamed for woes presently dealing with his government; he is allegedly accused of appointing some commissioners and special advisers who are said to be mediocre and belong to cult groupings. After reading Tell magazine story recently, one was able to deduce this.

  Secondly, Akpabio is accused as biting the fingers that fed him: For instance an Annang-man, Pa Etim (then Chairman Akwa Ibom SUPEB) a friend of Attah introduced Akpabio into Attah's cabinet; he was the first recipient of Akpabio's shut-outs. Akpabio's fight with Victor Attah is another. It is widely believed that Akwa Ibom's beloved-daughter, Christy Essien, played remarkable role in Akpabio's life but since Akpabio came on board his men succeeded in driving her family business out of Akwa Ibom or she be killed. A notable Annang businessman, Chief Monday Ekong, was to be Attah's deputy during Chris Ekpenyong's predicament; he rather introduced Akpabio but for insistence of the founders of the State PDP Ekpenyong continued. Now Ekong is being denied of his livelihood by Akpabio. Needless talking about the 'bull-dozer' Senator James Udoedeghe who sold Akpabio's candidacy to the Ibibios in 2007; though some people believed James did so because he has Annang woman as wife.

  The case of arrest/parading a businessman and Director of Newswatch magazine, Dr. Ime Umannah, as a criminal planning to kill Akpabio is the recent. Dr. Umannah had met a week earlier with Akpabio in Abuja where he advised him to soft-pedal on how he projects a particular presidential candidate. When he would not listen to him, Umannah employed the services of his adopted child who incidentally if from same town as Akpabio and who sent offensive text messages to Akpabio. Umannah was not privy to the wordings of the text messages and this was confirmed by his adopted Ukana-son (the sender). But Akpabio is capitalizing on this to punish his ardent supporter?

  Obong Okon Emerson,
  195 Awolowo Way, Ikeja