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Rama Brew
Rama Brew
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Film acting is not only an explorative showbiz or pro-fession, but that which also calls for demonstration of gifts in evoking naturality.It also demands romantic charisma, an extra in the pool of pre-requisites needed to enhance the production of films.
In these areas, Rama Brew, a gifted actress with natural cleverness also in singing has for over a decade, given indication that she is an actress of repute and is in her own world of Hollywood.

Not only does she exhibit this trait and gift of exerting exotic societal influences on others in a film, but also has a romantic appeal of capturing viewers or film goers to shift their allegiance to give her moral support in her roles.

In another challenging movie called "Fare well to hope", Rama was at her last. This one was the production of Ghana films now Adeza We (W).

On her return in 1993, she featured in Ultimate Paradise, a great TV sries which won for her great respect having displayed classic qualities of a Hollywood actress. Other films she starred "Memories of Joan" and "Divine Love" were captivating films which the viewing public acknowledged and wished her a grease to her elbow.

She has also been a great source of entertainment or better still amusement to some cheering homes where sometimes by unconscious urge fans have a feeling of sharing those moments of Rama at her peak of moments of solitude, grief or excitement in 'Home Sweet Home' TV series on GTV, also featuring Kojo Dadson.

Rama also doubles as a profile TV presenter and host a programme called 'Today's Woman'.

Rama Brew, a versatile artiste is the only residing Ghanaian female Jazz singer up to date and has been performing live at all the various and reputable night spots, hotels such as the Golden Tulip where she shared the stage with one of America's hottest jazz trio the 'Soulive' when they came to Ghana to perform some years back.

Other places Rama had performed included the erstwhile Bassline Jazz Club and at private functions. Rama gave a good account of herself and stole the show that night at the Golden Tulip and gave the impression as if it had long been planned for her to meet the Soulive trio.

Since she came back home from Europe for good she has been creating waves on the music scene.

Shifting to the movies, she has been acting and in fact in 'Avenue A' and 'Villa Kakalika' film series produced by Joyce Addo, Rama has left a mark of excellence and influenced TV viewers and film goers to become their welcome star of these series.

Asked her views on [email protected] 50, she said we could have done better in the film industry and said a discipline which in the past was a yardstick to measure progress is lacking and a missing link in our preparation for making films.

She sees today's films most of which she condemned as nonsensical.

For these reasons, she has put up a special outfit known as Etiquette Agency to teach the young generation how to behave, comport or hold oneself in behavioural aspect of life. Her outfit intends to teach singing as well.

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