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Lovers of Yoruba movies must have been wondering why movie star, Nike Peller, has been absent on the screen these days.

Well, we too were wandering when news filtered in that Nike was involved in an accident. That was early last month.

The news was shielded from the press for some time, and Roll Tape's effort to authenticate it was at first made impossible, as all our effort to let you know what was happening to the screen idol and daughter of the late famous magician, Professor Peller, met a brick wall. Matters were not made better by some artistes who complained that only bad news were being celebrated about them in the media; so we let sleeping dogs lie.

Now we can say that the story was true and that Nike almost lost her life when a trailer hit her car from the back while she was coming from a location with two of her brothers.

They had just rounded off a movie in which she acted the lead role. She was out of reach for about a week, but has now put everything behind her.

Nike Peller, who was hardly out of movie locations had even before the accident often made herself scarce.

A close confidant and movies producer said she had been trying to bide her time and watch which movie to be involved instead of jumping from location to location.

This, he said, Nike had decided would improve her profile and make her a serious artiste, instead of taking minor roles here and there from different movie producers.