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Cossy Orjiakor
Cossy Orjiakor
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As promised in last week's edition of Nollywood Reel, the folowing are Nollywood stars whose are gradually fading away from the make-believe industry.

•Sola Sobowale: She is obviously an actress with an incredible talent. Sola's versatility has earned her much respect in both the Yoruba and English sectors of the movie industry. Sobowale, who used to be a regular face in Nigerian movies has not featured in any new flick since she travelled to London last year. Her whereabouts has generated a lot of controversies among her fans following wicked rumours that she was arrested in London for a drug-related offence.

•Hanks Anuku: Hanks is also a fantastic actor, especially when it comes to action movies. This actor has not featured in many movies of late. Some sources have, however, attributed this to his nonchalant attitude on location.

•Cossy Orjiakor: She was always in the news some years back, due to her controversial exploits in the musical video of fuji musician, Abass Akande Obesere. The crossover actress has since kept a low profile in the showbiz industry.
Cossy, a Unilag Masters degree holder and a landed property owner in Lekki, has also found love in music. But as far as Nollywood is concerned right now, she is a fading star.

•Nike Peller: She is the beautiful daughter of the late popular magician, Professor Peller. Alhaja Nike, who embarked on pilgrimage to Mecca last year, can also be described as one of the fading stars, considering how frequently her face used to appear in Yoruba flicks.

•Alade Aromire: Still basking in the joy of producing the first Yoruba movie, Prince Aromire is supposed to be one of the most celebrated actors, both in ANTP and the movie industry at large.
Having produced and acted in many of the earlier flicks that ruled the movie scene between the late 1980s and the 1990s, Prince Aromire, who had made other stars during his active days, is now a fading star. Although the reason he is fading away cannot be ascertained, Aromire, who now sits atop a group of companies had at a time incurred the wrath of some executive members of the ANTP. He was expelled from the association.
Sources, however, told Nollywood Reel that he was axed after being found guilty of floating an organisation which grooms upcoming stars without the permission of ANTP.
But now, he has been made to apologise and atone for his sins. He has now retired from acting but often produces movies just to introduce prospective actors. Prince Aromire uses his media on cable TV, Yotomi and Alphabet Music Production to promote his proteges.

Rasak Olayiwola (Araosan): Although Rasak Olayiwola a.k.a. Araosan was perceived by many as a local champion in the past, the erstwhile rave may have buried his talent having found a greener pasture.
The actor, who is a founding member of the Odunfa Caucus of ANTP now lives in America with his family, having won the annual American visa lottery two years ago.
Due to this development in his life, he no longer features in movies and is no more in touch with film producers.

Jerry Amilo: After the accident which resulted in a three-day coma for the Nollywood actor, not much has been heard about him. Jerry had a close shave with death in an accident a few years ago. This became a turning point in his life.
According to the action films expert, he saw God when he died and was deposited in the morgue for three days. This was what made him heed the call that he must be born-again.
Since then, he has not been in the limelight but his works still speak for him as one of the best action film actors Nigeria has every produced.
But today, his fame is gradually fading away.

•Sandra Achums: The delectable actress' face and name would probably still open doors, though the opportunity is not unconnected with her success in the movie world.
Having explored both the English and Yoruba speaking genres of the industry, she later had an opportunity of living outside the shores of the country, due to marriage.
She is now back in the country to pick up her career after her marriage developed hiccups. However, due to the influx of highly ambitious and younger actresses into the system, she may have to work even harder to reclaim her past glory.

•Regina Askia: Though Most Wanted actress, Regina got married to a whiteman, she has had her own share of stardom. But she is no longer the rave of the moment. She is one of the actresses who are currently fading away in the industry.