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She's cute. She's sexy with an aura that is exceptional. Bernadette Lambi Balogun's name may not ring a million bells due to the fact that her face has not been as visible as you may think. But to some renowned producers and directors, Bena, as she's fondly called is one name that cannot be joked with.
Her maiden appearance in the make-believe industry was in a movie entitled Heart of Gold in 1997 followed by Bridesmaid by the prolific director/producer, Charles Novia in 2003.

After she had dazzled with her mesmerizing performances in these two movies, Tchidi Chikere launched her out again as she featured in an award movie Cry Like a River. When asked why she is in this sector of entertainment, the beautiful mother of two explains “I am into movies because of the passion I have for it. Nollywood is doing very well and they are far ahead other African countries.”
How did you start? We inquired, “I was on a set with Stella Damasus and there was a space for someone to play a role of a nurse, after auditioning three people without any result, I was called upon to try my best and eventually, I performed more than expectation.” The Ivorian multi-linguist who speaks French, English, Ewe, and Ashanti and a little bit of German languages concluded.

Bena, as we gathered off the screen for sometime before she re-appeared in the celebrated movie, Widow by Kingsley Ogoro, this movie; she perfectly delivered her lines as an air hostess. “After Widow, I settled down to take care of my family, as you know, I have two beautiful children. But, now, I am set to take the industry by storm again as my children are growing and they can be left in the care of a nanny.” She enthused.

For those who don't know, Bena is married to the entertainment icon, Ruscoe Philip Balogun, the first cousin of the late entertainment giant, Jaiyejeje Aboderin. She was with the Synergy Band as a singer before the demise of Jaiye.
With a good script to be shot in Togo with full support of Togo government, Bernadette Balogun sure has an ace up her sleeve.
She runs a catering outfit called Asanka and a fashion house which is noted for African designs and arts called Runadine in Lagos as a supplement of her movie career.