How Your Favourite Nollywood Stars Would Spend Their Xmas

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IT is Christmas time once again and your favourite Nollywood stars are all over the place just as you are but they will be spending this season differently. See what your idols will be doing while you are also having a rollicking time.

Feyikemi Niyi-Olayinka, one of the pilots of popular television programme on Lagos Television, Owuro L'a wa, will not be in Nigeria at all.

Throughout the Ileya and Christmas season, she will be in the United Kingdom with her family, savouring a desired rest and she will not be coming back until next year.

The star of Yoruba movies such as Epe and Oleku will, therefore, be missing on the set of her television show until next year when she's expected to bring some freshness into the programme. She is already working on some new projects along with some foreign partners.

Desmond Elliot at this time should be rounding off his job at a location which he would not want to disclose but before Christmas day, he will have been home and dry.

He will be spending Christmas day with his family. What else could one wish for? A quiet Christmas. Even if he will be going out, it will be with his family.

Can you imagine a busy Christmas, one in which you are working round the clock while others are having their fun? Who else could be in such an unpleasant situation if not Femi Brainard? This Christmas, he will be working on the location of an upcoming movie.

You can now see that there is really no rest for the wicked!