By samod biobaku
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Following her denial recently of a blossoming affair with OJB Jezreal, the producer/artiste has joined Goldie in denying the rumours.

“I was embarrassed when word reached me that I was having an affair with Goldie,” said OJB. “She is an artiste I have worked with like Lara, Omotola, Barbara to mention a few. What we have is a normal artiste/producer relationship.”

According to him, “If people can say this, then they might say that I have dated every act I ever worked with. But I want people to always remember that I am a businessman; they are my clients.

“Imagine you are with your wife just taking a drive and you buy the papers and what do you see? A scandal! There would be fire on the mountain but I thank God that my wife is understanding. Sometimes they say I am going out with girls I don't even know but my wife knows my limits and what I can do.”
On rumours that she bought him a car during a trip to the UK, OJB who drives a Range Rover said: “That means she is very rich. Does she have a label? I won't mind signing up.”