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Mid-term poll in United States and President Obama

By Mehnab Khan
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Mid-term poll in United States was a real setback for President Obama and his party. Media analysts and political pundits in the world are seeing this as a great warning to the Democrats that the coming presidential election in United States will go in favor of Republicans if Obama is not ousted from Presidency forthwith.

Some of the analysts are though seeing a second term in the office for Obama, but, such predictions are wildest of the wilds. American voters will no more love to see Barack Obama as their president – and the matter is proved enough.

With the visibly unbearable burden on his political career, Barack Obama is set to visit India soon. Back in 1994, President Bill Clinton took off on a tour of Asia soon after a resounding defeat in a congressional election in the second year of his first term. Barack Obama, facing a similar fate, will also leave for Asia shortly. Obama's Democratic Party has already become a loser in the congressional elections, but Democrats somehow managed a similar setback in the Senate. Now Obama needs to negotiate with the House, which is under Republican control, while running in the office for next two years.

President Obama heads to India this weekend in the first stop of a ten-day trip to Asia and will, at least for a short while, leave his political problems behind him.

The beleaguered U.S. President who received a self-confessed 'shellacking' in the mid-term elections on Tuesday will have extraordinary security detail around him when he arrives in Mumbai.

The U.S. has deployed 34 warships off the coast of Mumbai to protect the president during his trip were exaggerated.

Thousands of CIA agents have flooded the Indian capital, helicopters will patrol the skies and there are even reports that 34 US war ships will patrol Mumbai's sea approaches to deter terror attacks.

The trip has sparked some criticism in the U.S., which is battling high unemployment and stagnant economic growth.

Obama will spend three days in India, and will also visit New Delhi. It is the biggest visit by any U.S. President - involving a staggering 40 aircraft and six armoured cars.

The president will be driven around in a black Cadillac - dubbed 'Barack Mobile' - which has its own built-in communications centre allowing Obama to be in touch with the White House, Vice President and the U.S. Strategic Command.

Though American voters are currently unhappy on Obama, it is well assumed that the India tour is taking place for a multiple reason. India has already become one of the strongest partners of United States especially in IT sector. The forthcoming trip of Obama may bring several attractive business packages for American company, who will be able to export technology and goods worth billions of dollars to the biggest democratic state in Asia. India also enjoys the highest reputation of being the most stable nation with rich past track record of religious harmony and tolerance. On the other hand, India is one of the countries, which faces threats of the Islamist militancy groups, including Al Qaida, Lashkar-e-Taiba etc for years. It is expected that, US-India relations will see further prospect of closer ties in the field of combating militancy, though Obama in particular is a person, who rather prefers keeping appeasing relations with various Islamist militancy groups, including Hamas.

South Asian critics are raising finger at Obama, as he has excluded Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Pakistan from his South Asia tour and only decided to visit India. Bangladeshi, Sri Lankan and Pakistanis residing in United States, who are no less in numbers as voters, may take such decision of Obama as a great insult and will possibly give a proper response to Obama during the 2012 Presidential election.

Actually, Obama is a declining President in United States, who too is now sure that, his any chance of returning for the second term is a mission impossible. Barack Obama may even not be able to get back into Senate or the Congress, as after becoming the US President, with a number of actions and initiatives, he has already been sealed as someone, who is greatly disliked by American people.

And being a Bangladeshi, I am feeling rather insulted at Obama attitude towards my country and a number of South Asian nations, when he completely ignored even our minimal importance in international politics. Obama made promises to Bangladeshi Prime Minister of visiting our country during his South Asia tour. But, now, we all know, what Obama says is not true. He is not only a failed President, but someone, who will never bother in keeping promises.

Mehnab Khan is a free lance columnist writing on regional and international issues.

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Free lance columnist writing on regional and international issues