Fred Amata
Fred Amata
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Actor Fred Amata is a member of Project Nollywood. He spoke about the project and other issues:

Q: As known actor and also a major factor in Project Nollywood, how do you combine being the most known face among the four of you and your involvement in the project itself?

A: For you to be a show maker in Nigeria, you must be fulfilled and, of course, you must be known. Fidelis Duker is a writer, producer and director. He wears different caps. Charles Novia is a comedian, music producer, film producer, writer, corporate producer and director. And so, the transition to you is because I am known. I like to see myself as an actor/director because I had been producing before Nollywood. I had been producing and directing soaps for television stations since 1989.

Q: Would the four of you individually take up jobs outside Project Nollywood?

A: I am an actor and also a director for life. If I get the right offer, I will make movies because it is my job. But primarily, we have come together to promote the idea of Project Nollywood. For the next year, we will be pursuing it with vigour to see that we make more films. This project will surpass others.

Q: With all the films that have been rolled out, has Ecobank been enthusiastic about this?

A: Of course, yes. It is obvious, they are well represented today.

Q: Is it a continuous thing?

A: Yes, it is.

Q: So, the success of these films determines if you will go on or not?

A: Definitely not.

Q: How are the films doing in the market?

A: They are doing very well.

Q: When would yours be released?

A: Mine is coming out on 4 December, while Senseless will be released on 19 December. They are all my movies as they are produced by Project Nollywood.

Q: How many films has Project Nollywood done yet?

A: If you look closely at the brochure, you'll see that there are four major films being previewed. They are all very intriguing stories. So, Project Nollywood has already gone into the next level of planning the next group of films. And we have even expanded the number of films.

Q: Fidelis Duker mentioned that very soon, Project Nollywood would go to the stock market. How soon will that be?

A: By the first quarter of next year.

Q: Now that you are involved in this project, as an actor and a director, have you been experimenting with new faces?

A: I am tired of hearing that. What do you mean by new faces? As far as I am concerned, Mike Ezuronye is a new face and I can go on and on.

Q: But they are being recycled?

A: Recycled how? I featured Ehina Ibru in my movie. So, what are we saying?