Who sold Checkpoint’s right to MNET?

Source: nigeriafilms.com
Bond Emereuwa
Bond Emereuwa
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Joseph Aihende of Motherland Entertainment Ventures (MLV) is prepared to make a court case with management of MNET for what seems a breach of his intellectual property right by broadcasting the movie Checkpoint, on its Africa Magic channel without prior notice or permission.

According to Aihende, his organisation has ample evidence that Checkpoint which was directed by Bond Emereuwa, incumbent president of Directors Guild of Nigeria (DGN) shown on Africa Magic to the utter surprise of the producers. They are demanding to find out who it was that authorised the showing and at what price.

The movie which stars Saint Obi, Emeka Ossai, Rickado Agbor, Kelvin Ifeduba, Marie Eboka and other stars was shot in locations within Lagos and is being marketed by Samcivic Investment.

Aihende said "the movie Checkpoint is a true life story solely financed by my organisation. We invited Bond Emereuwa to direct it. But a few weeks ago, I was intimated of the fact that Africa Magic has shown the movie and repeatedly too. I have tried to contact them but they don't seem to have any thing to say about it. I want to know who gave them the authority to show my movie. How do they determine who owns a movie. I am in possession of the Censors Board Certificate, so I wonder who gave them my film to show. I have heard about MNET showing people's films without authority. I have also heard about people selling other people's films to them. We are determined to unravel who did what here because it is a breach of rights. I have spoken with the director of the movie and we are all in the race to reclaim my rights.

"I have also spoken with the marketer of the movie, Samcivic who has said he did not do any such thing. So, who gave MNET my film? I strongly believe that a meeting at the courts will unravel the mystery of who did what and when and for what price. I am already in discussion with my solicitors for advice. This is a breach of my rights and there is need for redress."

Emereuwa, who also declined knowledge of any transactions with MNET says " I do not know who sold Checkpoint to MNET. This is one of the sad things about Nollywood and I believe that MNET will do well to find out who owns films before they buy the rights of showing it on their network so that people will stop infringing on other people's rights."