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‘You are all Clowns’, Lagos ACN tells Coalition of 26 Parties

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The Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria has angrily lashed out at the group that calls itself the coalition of 26 political parties over its demand that Governor Raji Fashola should resign. The Lagos ACN says that by the statement from the group, it is obvious that the so-called coalition is a disoriented bunch of charlatans who are being used by those that are nursing the wild dream of taking over Lagos to distract the Fashola regime.

In a release in Lagos, signed by the Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the ACN, Joe Igbokwe, the party says that the incoherence and the annoying petulance in the ridiculous demand shows that the coalition of one man parties are neophytes who hardly understand governance, talk less of governing a state like Lagos. The party therefore advises them to keep their peace if they have nothing to contribute to the development of Lagos.

“While it was difficult to understand the grouse of these so-called 26 parties with no fixed political address, no antecedents, no honour, no base, no history, no ideology, no hope, no background and no foundation which is an agglomeration of political lone rangers that want to serve the interests of whoever has the right price for their cheap labour, we doubt if the body was convinced it has any reason for this irresponsible demand.  Do we take it that the so-called coalition is saying that Fashola should resign because he is taking loans to develop Lagos? Or do we take it that the coalition is blinded by the self serving interests it wants to promote that it is not drawing synergy between loans and development?  

“We may be tempted to ask if this coalition feels that Fashola is not delivering on all sectors where he has accessed loans so far like the LAMATA and BRT. Is it that these loans have not been justifiably employed for the projects for which they were taken or has Fashola converted them into his personal estate? What is the grouse of the so-called coalition with any initiative that will take Lagos from the hell hole its enemies have construed for it to a developed modern mega city, with limitless opportunities for the millions of Nigerians that flock there daily looking for succor?

“But we know that this coalition of inconsequential political actors is rather ruled by the narrow, personal interests of its members, which are not being attended to by the Fashola regime, in preference to the interests of the whole. We see their present demand as yet another feckless effort to distract the government and remain relevant in the politics of Lagos. We see their present effort as another deliberate effort to arrest the fast paced development of Lagos, which presents a far greater challenge than the governance of the country.

We are particularly peeved that a supposedly coalition of political parties is questioning the propriety of good roads and BRT buses in Lagos and does not see their importance in a Lagos that hosts over 80 per cent of Nigeria's unemployed youths, one fifth of the country's entire population and over 50 per cent of its productive work force. This is indeed a tragedy of Nigerian politics. That a coalition of nameless parties if questioning the propriety of a BRT and LAMATA project, which neighboring countries are studying for replication in their own countries, serves as one of the ugly fallouts of idle politics in Nigeria.

“We want to restate that the Fashola regime in Lagos is ruled by a high degree of concern for the interests of the common people of Lagos State and the millions of Nigerians it serves. It is guided by the highest degree of financial responsibility and would not do anything that does not meet minimum international financial probity. We want to assure Lagosians that the Fashola regime is mindful of loans it takes and where it is invested and assures that this government has never taken any unproductive loans, which are frittered away on needless projects. As Lagosians and indeed Nigerians can see, the Fashola regime has invested every kobo that has come to Lagos on life-changing facilities that have not only changed the face of Lagos but has enhanced life in Nigeria's most important state. We assure Lagosians that the Fashola government will continue on this commitment, irrespective of the purring of idle political speculators that ogle for Lagos as the patrimony for their greed.”


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