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GhallyGold Awards,Ghana Movie Awards Which One Should Be Taken Serious? "Attractive Ayinde"

By Mustapha Ayinde Inusah/Attractive
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For once, people should stop taking the movie industry for granted when it comes to awarding those who have really paid their dues in making the industry thick.

We all know there has not been any competitive movie awards since 1987 when William Akuffo released his first commercial movie. But as far as I am concerned, I know most of our movie makers have been involved in other awards outside Ghana and they know how things are being done.

In the early part of this year, a company called Item 3 House promised the industry a prestigious Ghana movie awards which was christened GhallyGold awards but when one calls the organizers to find out when the awards will happen, they give you a date which never comes to pass.

When they are questioned on happenings, they give excuses like, “we are still working on sponsorship, the network companies we have approached have asked us to start publicity before they come in to support us”. Can this really move things as they want it?

Now a new company called GP limited have also launched an award for the industry and they have promised to bring the awards to Ghanaians on 25th December. According to investigations we have conducted, the awards date has not been changed but it seems people are not in favour of the date itself being a Christmas day.

In a phone interview with head of communications of GP limited Mr. Verus Nartey to get the latest development, he revealed to Flex newspaper that just like every other awards, there are many issues arising but they are finding ways and means to solve them and very soon the public will hear from them.

When he was asked about the submission problems they are facing since many movie producers who are not members of FIPAG are complaining the organizers have not accepted their entries, he had this to say. “There was an agreement that any producer who is not a member of the Film Producers Association of Ghana will have his entry being questioned and not accepted. Even that issue has been cleared because we realized that not all film producers in Ghana are part of FIPAG” he added.

There are only two months left for GP Limited to showcase to the world that they really mean what they have promised Ghanaians but there hasn`t been any extensive publicity on it yet. On that note, Verus answered that very soon the publicity will start on all the available media outlets in the country.

Flex newspaper went on to ask him if GhallyGold awards is a threat to their awards since the Film Producers Association of Ghana has given GhallyGold awards up to February for them to host their event. “GhallyGold awards is not a threat to us because we know that the organizers of GhallyGold would just want to come out with an award because they don`t want to disgrace themselves since they have promised to fail many times. Even there is no way they can come out with the awards in November therefore Ghana Movie Awards will come out before them” he added. As of the time of going to press, Item 3 House was not ready to answer any of our questions on the issue at hand.

By Mustapha Ayinde Inusah/Attractive