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Nigeria wasn't formed for the Jonathans of Niger delta

Source: Ben Ikari.
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Nigeria Was Not Formed to Benefit Minorities such as Jonathan: His Emergence is a Threat to the Status Quo...Care Must be taken to Protect him from Northern Cabals and others

From the outset, Nigeria was created not to work for nor include the so-called minorities (the President Jonathans) as equal members of the nation. Being the contraption it's, Nigeria was created by oppressors, crooks and exploiters of Britain who used all mean necessary and available to achieve their aims and objectives. These means included the killing of emerging stars, oppositions or any person who summed up courage to speak out or ask questions.

The British colonialists, having used about 2,000 soldiers mostly from the north (plus Middle-belt) to invade, kill and conquered the independent peoples/nationalities, which formed both Northern and Southern protectorates (against their wishes) to submission decided to use Northerners as errand tools. What the errands gained in return was power and an indoctrination of how to continue the crooked scheming, killing, exploiting and controlling.

To succeed, however, the north has to stay in connection (like brothers) and in agreement with colonial Britain. The Northern-British relationship climaxed in the 1800s, when the British tax-payers reportedly used their money to run what is now Northern Nigeria or the Hausa-Fulani. Why did this happen? Research shows that the north had (and still has) vast space of dry land (with cows from Niger) and knew nothing to do with it that could help them create revenues.

Implying, they couldn't even raise a budget to run their local councils. At a time when British tax-payers became fed up helping to run them with their resources the north was dropped from the help list. What also engendered this move was when the colonial masters realized that the south, which comprised of what is presently Yoruba/Lagos, Benin kingdom areas, Igbo and today's south-south (Niger delta) had abundant riches.

By the time help stopped coming from Britain the devilish colonialists had perfected their craft of how to exploit the south to run the dry and poor north. This trend happened successfully with a semblance of balance. That is, the south still got some benefits until the advent of oil. All these periods the independent nationalities considered minorities today were played out of everything and so knew nothing going on nor did they had a say, as they don't have today.

The worst of the disrespect, abuse, cruelty and exploitation was during the unfortunate and illegal amalgamation (forcing of independent nationalities/nations against their wishes to form a union in the interest of Britain and the north especially) of the southern and northern protectorates in 1914. Note that, like the application of British tax-payer's money for the upkeep of the north, this aforementioned amalgamation was primarily orchestrated as a source through which resources from the south will benefit the north to relief Britain and also help the imperialists fulfill dream for their empire.

Again, of all these moves and maneuvers, the forced groups which form the colonies before the birth of Nigeria, on Oct. 1, 1960, nearly 98% of them didn't play any role nor have any say, yet they're distinct and had pre-colonial independence or sovereignty.

The above analogy has been the reason Nigeria locked out on minorities. The fact that some of the minorities have had and still have the natural resources especially crude oil and gas, the nation depends on had made no impact. It's when Ken Saro-Wiwa emerged in the early 1990s that the oil issue, Niger delta, the people's rights and environment resurfaced. His launching a nonviolent agitation to right the wrongs of the past led to his hanging on Nov. 10, 1995.

Of course, his live and death shall be celebrated nine days from today (on Nov. 10) to mark the 15the anniversary of his (and 8 others) hanging by $hell, a British company and the Nigerian government of the north. Why did these people die for demanding their rights? They're minorities who challenged the British and Northern politician's status quo ante. Some stooges from the West (Yoruba) East (Igbo) and South-South (Niger delta) served as accomplice.

The British-Northern Nigeria's collaboration had perfected their murder industry that will kill any opposition or perceived threat to their drilling of minority oil to build British companies, government and the Northern Nigerian cabals, etc.

Isaac Adaka Boro, upset with the status quo and treatment of the Niger delta people decided to take up arms and declared what was known as the Niger delta Republic from Nigeria in 1966. He's murdered by the aforementioned murder squad like the Ogoni Nine. This arms struggle resurfaced in 2004, given credence to both Boro and Saro-Wiwa's protest.

Dr. Goodluck Jonathan, who became the first Niger delta or minority president of Nigeria by a means Northern cabals are yet to fathom is also seen as a threat like Saro-Wiwa and Boro. Although President Jonathan, a Niger deltan may have been accepted by PDP as a means of quelling down or putting out the intensity of Niger delta (MEND) insurgency which is the same method the colonialists dealt with oppositions. The north sees him as a Niger deltan or minority threat now that he's the president and attempting to control power for another four years. This period is like 50 years to the north even though they've ruled Nigeria than any group. Their fear is that they are losing grip on the multi-billion dollars oil industry they've depended on for decades.

As usual, and based on their agreement with Britain (like America and Israel), Northern cabals which includes Ibrahim Babangida, who dashed the hope of Nigeria in 1993 by annulling the freest and fairest presidential elections, are poised to protect what they believed is their birthright-of course, it isn't!

They will do anything including attempts on the life of President Jonathan, to protect their fortresses, maintain the status quo that is exploiting the Niger delta to keep the north running like they've been taught by the British. Therefore, proper care must be taken to protect Jonathan because this is a life and death battle between Northern cabals, British interest and the south especially for the oilfields and gas reserves. It isn't about elections or doing anything that will help the Nigerian people, but oil and gas wealth. Any obstacle or perceived threat shall be taken out-so says the British and Northern (Hausa-Fulani) interest. They will use their stooges from the south-west, east and south-south (Niger delta) to perfect their diabolical plans.

Babangida alone knows how the killer quad operates, not to mention all others and their British interest mercenary. I repeat, Jonathan should be extra smart and careful. If he didn't believe it before (after the bombs of Oct. 1 and the many shipments of arms reportedly entering the country), he should by now that he's a minority not fit according to this cabals to rule and possibly take their birthright away.

Finally, no gain saying the fact that the north has most of the 36 states (followed by the west-Yoruba and East-Igbos), which are about 90% nonviable. What keeps these states is the oil from Niger delta. This ethnic method of creating states against viability is informed by the majority's bid to keep the nation in their control. The north had of course relished in this mentality of using guns to threaten, control and kill any "baga" from Niger delta or elsewhere who comes up raising an eye-brow. This mechanics have worked best with the national assembly framework too. By this design, two members come from each state.

The north has the most members of both houses of representatives and the senate which forms the national assembly. Politics is a game of number and so this arrangement isn't in any conceivable way working in the interest of the minorities. No wonder nothing is changing! The presidency of Jonathan can only succeed if he's honest, extra smart to present issues that will work for the entire nation and also reward the minorities of Niger delta (his region) for decades of exploitation and deaths-including environmental catastrophes caused by oil exploitation that's polishing the majority-northerner cabals indeed.

It's also possible that new people-elected representatives from the majority groups especially the north may rethink and work with Jonathan for programs that will serve the benefit of all the groups that willy-nilly formed Nigeria. Change and new beginnings are always possible so long as the people are determined to effect this change even with their lives. This change is possible in this present situation. The problem is that the north would have accepted a candidate from anywhere else, whether on zoning basis (which is undemocratic) or otherwise.

Their heart-beating worry is that a member of the oppressed Niger delta they've exploited and killed is the one raising his head. Think a about it! What a threat, they're thinking! Jonathan may not even be concentrating on righting the wrongs against his people nor could he be thinking a revenge but what may work best for all. The likes of his advisers may even point to his direction.

Because of the history, intent and greed, and a bid for Britain through their companies ($hell Oil, etc.) to maintain their colonial hostage, it's less than likely Jonathan would succeed as the first minority/Niger delta president of Nigeria. The problems and threats he's getting from Northern politicians who feared their grip to the nation and wealth would vanish are exponentially high. This fear is heightened by the fear of fears; fear that they may face reprisal for decades of terror and sorrow, deaths unleashed on the Niger delta and others. Yet Jonathan may be doing his best to carry every group along against the historical sectional trend.

Jonathan and the people around him must therefore be very careful and smart. He must be protected to alter the status quo and also fulfill whatever mission he's. This warning shouldn't be thrown away with a wave of hand because of historical facts and a laid down design for Nigeria not to work for the oppressed minority but the so-called majority and Northerners in particular. There is serious danger ahead, as there is also hope and victory over evil.

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