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Creation:Fact or Fiction?

By Melanie Miller
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If you took the technology of today, and went back three thousand yrs. ago-okay, go back and take the technology of today-you would be considered a God or a Goddess. Take something as simple as a lighter and you create fire, from your hand, you'd be considered a God or even a Goddess...because there was no understanding of what was what and what there wasn't.

Will men colonize other planets? Think about it. I feel personally earth could of been colonized from another planet.

Would people to back track here a bit, of three thousand yrs ago understand a jet plane, or would they make it an idol too?

How would people of three thousand yrs. ago-describe realities of today? We evolved through technology in less then one hundred yrs. We went from the Wright Brothers, to air planes breaking the sound barrier.

About religion: Man went from worshipping the sun as a God to man worshipping the moon as a God, until they understood what it was. Then they had to find something they did not understand to creat a God. Non understanding creates a God or Goddess to many people.

These are only some of my personal theories and may not be the same thoughts of others. I hope my article is informative and enlighting, and if you feel some or most of what I have said here is truth or actuality, then you are entitled to think however you wish to. Ask yourself some of these questions. Do you feel paganism is wrong or is it right? Do you feel there was a man named Jesus that died for us? How did He die and you may know the truth in your minds' eye. Ask anything that comes to mind and seek and you shall find truthfull answers, only you feel you can relate to. Ask yourself what do we really know-only what man has written, in books, such as about evolution or even the bible, there are many to chose from to read about different knowlege and man wrote books as well as women and we only know what we see and read, are these words we see on pages reality and do we know if what we read is a fact?

If there are aliens,would they help us, heal us? Such as would they heal cancer, diabetes, anything we may be suffering from, even the common cold?

Ponder on some or all of these questions and see what answers come to mind.

Thanks for reading my article, it is much appreciated.

the end...