Fayemi What Exactly Is This? Victory For Whom?

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If not for ourselves, we owe the truth to those born now, young and cutting their teeth in wisdom. Strategically for history and the World we dream to leave behind all after clearing all these rubbish, some honesty should be in order. For that future to understand, to be educated, to be correctly informed and to draw the right conclusions and find appropriate solutions to the problems of similar nature that may in their own time challenge their wisdom, things must be put in correct context today.

  Fayemis victory is not the triumph of democracy.

  The rule of law was a pathetic failure in Kayode Fayemis struggle

  Fayemis success is not the work of the Judiciary over the common plebiscite that dictators abuse

  Fayemi's race was not won by President Jonathan who some are inclined to thank for non-interference.

  If today, Governor Fayemi's pastor claims divine intervention through his own ministrations, the brave and long suffering Governor will not openly interfere. He dares not. The people will label him a heretic and huge political goodwill may be lost. Rather, he may smile silently to himself, struggle with his anger and swear to dislodge the poverty that has barred reason to flourish. He will swear to fight this culture of hunger that has transferred the responsibilities of the clergy from spiritual down to temporal ordinariness.  

  Distribution of congratulations on the protracted engagement between authentic Governor Fayemi and three year impostor Enginner Oni must be based on contribution. It has been confusing at best and unkind at the very least that those who benefited immensely from the protraction of this simple and clear case have turned around to bask in the klieg light of the media. The headlines and many commentators  attribute the victory to eitherjudiciary, democracy or Rule of Law and President Jonathan's magnanimity to give  all a room. That sows confusion in young minds that read these commentaries and the conclusions they take away with them

  How can this be a triumph for the rule of law. A eunuch law whose every rule was broken to smitters by all those sworn to uphold it. A law assaulted with impunity by PDP warlords and abused by those who murdered and maimed to muscle their ignoble carreers through the contemptuous abuse of the peoples  rights. A law unreliable to deliver the least of its penalties to its worst violators. There is nothing to be written positively for the rule of law that fails abjectly to call all these criminals into account, that ignores the crimes committed and shifts the next brigandage to the next elections. Certainly, the Law here is a common ass.

  As for the Judiciary that spent almost four years to award justice to the rightful winner, Justice delayed is justice denied . Having frustrated  Fayemi for nearly four years,  watched with horror as the Judiciary extending  perfidious rewards to Oni all of those years. Years in which he had signed appropriation bills fraudulently, expended the peoples funds illegally, issued some death warrants without the mandate to do so and caused the death of hundreds who stood up for their rights. The Judiciary must approach history with the due fear that they may be consumed in it. And while still at the judiciary, We cannot ignore the subsisting issues in the Election tribunals of Osun State . The MTN interractive calls between the Judges and defendants.  Nor should our memory not serve us right that the NJC has hidden behind a joke of some technicalities to remain silent in loud allegations of fraudulent conduct of their members.  The Sokoto arrest of judgement by the Supreme court , embarrassing as it is appears to worry none of those servants on the temple of Justice. No, on the contrary, the weakness and rot of the judiciary was brought to the fore more at the highly monetised election petitions tribunals. Perhaps, we need to be grateful that the illusions we nursed at the health of our Country's judiciary has finally collapsed. The  conduct of our judiciary at the Election Petitions is despicable.

  Yes this was victory indeed. But it was victory of the tenacity of the human spirit against conscienceless power. The  triumph of stuborn determination, the belief in the sacredness  of the peoples rights and a determination to not abandon the rural voters of Ekiti , Rivers, Edo, Ondo and hopefully Osun to unprotected exposure to the spread of decease to their healthy values. I have always wondered, why the people of Ondo State and their Ekiti neighbours prefer death to surrender. Researchers must take this up soon. Perhaps, from the results, Nigeria , the rest of our decadence, may be made hole. Back to victories and celebrations, this is truly a tribute to courage, vision, belief and faith in the true possibilities that justice  can be wrestled from impostors now operating its mechanisms. That is what the Fayemi victory celebrates. And as in the Oshiomole, Mimiko and Rotimi Amaechi victories before it, the Nation,  if it chooses to profit by the lessons has good opportunity to forge ahead more confidently. If not, it is sure to suffer the collapse that injustice and decay settled on the brightness of vanished World civilisations.  I congratulate the worthy fighters of South West Nigeria. Those who stood like the rock behind Kayode Fayemi . They have , by their tenacity of purpose, their iron will, the belief in strong values, connected their hearts to that of the people they lead. They have accredited themselves well. They have proved themselves worthy to  lead a proud and stubborn people. I hope they have registered themselves in the minds of the greater Nigeria. That with their example, and that of the NADECO that they got their first suck from,  a willing and ready Nigeria can be ably led by the bold, brave and beautiful among us. It is from this specie, that history has always faithfully selected enduring leadership. In calm and determined climes.

In all of history, few men have had the courage and the conviction that even in the worst of circumstances, they can contest against the awesome resources and machiney of incumbent Government. Very very insignificant indeed is their number, that will  stand up, struggle swim at the risk of sinking and challenge evil and its threats. History has never recorded easy victory for these special class of men. Many have struggled and been consumed by it. MKO Abiola is a contemporary example. Some have started well and have not had the stamina to stay the course. They have joined in the compromise or totally been frustrated to a point of irrelevance.

  We have Afenifere and the associated Governors of election 2003 as examples here.  For those dogged few as displayed by the fighters for mandates at the 2007 election the rough fight, the harassment, the expensive  lawsuits, the nuctional meetings, the life risking match through thug territories have all combined to convince us all that if you stand up and fight, you may win. If you lose,  your head will stay up in pride. The grace of your posture will remain  erect. But for the coward and the compromiser, the defeat is definite and devastating. You lose respect of your admirers and suffer the contempt of your compromiser. As Rotimi Amaechi, Adams Oshiomole, Segun Mimiko and now Fayemi have taught us these last three years, victory sure belongs to the brave. This is the lesson I shall wish my children to take away.  Not the lies about those who seek to claim victory after they have thoroughly abused our values.

  Francis Ojo