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Much as I wanted to ignore the falsehood dished out in the concluding article of Dr Tilde, I will be doing an average reader a disservice if we allow you to perpetrate fraud as you tried to do in your article. I admit you are not the same Tilde who was a member of the gang of Mrs. Yar’Adua. However, I wonder if you read where I asked you if you were the same Tilde and I followed with “if you are the same Tilde”… That is even irrelevant now. You are not that Tilde, but you are as bad.

So, you want to be the GMD of NNPC? Why in this world do you think someone from one of the oil producing states should be sidelined for you? Are we in Nigeria to be subservient to the North? You tell me, how you will feel if the reverse were to be the case and Southerners are consistently made the GMD of NNPC if oil is in the North. I am sure you, Dr Tilde will be in the forefront for a correction of such anomaly. In all the years before the MEND boys, that position had been exclusively reserved for Northerners. I hope you will do all of us a favour by replying with a list of all GMDs of NNPC since oil was discovered in Nigeria. I have told you that I accept corruption is a universal problem. You are the only who see it as a Southern Nigeria problem. As for the MEND boys, I see them as unserious and unfocussed. They do not have my sympathy. However, remember when they did the dirty work of election rigging for you guys in PDP? You created a monster, and then live with it. Do not disturb the rest of Nigeria with the mess in your party or what ever party you belong. Will you be honest enough to tell us what the formula for state allocation was until a few years ago? Most of the oil producing states did not get what the Northern states got under the military. Will you please be kind to publish for those of us who do not have access to the power brokers in Nigeria who got what? Then the question becomes what the military adventurers did with their own allocation for both the North and South that they governed. It was only recently that the South South states had an increase in their allocation. The law on equitable derivation and allocation was fiercely resisted by Northern states. As usual, the South South was treated with disdain and contempt by Northern politicians. Dr Tilde, you are forgetting something, we are not inferior to you, we will not be subservient to you. We will not capitulate; we will not apologize for our region of birth because we have no control over the choice of origin or birth. Get off your high horse and your “BORN TO RULE MENTALITY” it will not win you friends. Before the return of the current pseudo democracy in Nigeria, please be kind to publish the names of all the military administrators and governors in Nigeria. Do not forget to indicate their states of origin. Sir, you have no moral grounds to stand on to condemn anybody. You must learn to come to the table without preconditions. As long as you have preconditions, you will not get a warm reception. You will meet with fierce resistance and you will not be able to conquer us. If you continue this way, you will only awaken the regional complex in all of us. Obasanjo took power from Kano to Abeokuta? You are worse than Goebelles. If this is what you are propagating in the North, to the Talakawa majority, I feel sad for you. Personally, you have only convinced me that you have an aversion for truth. I wonder if you know Abeokuta. Just as you feel most of those who disagree with you do not know the North, you too do not know the South. The textile industry in Kano and the rest of Nigeria collapsed under the military. Most of who were Northerners. It was not Obasanjo at all! Check your facts. In fact the economy of Nigeria collapsed under the military, particularly under Babangida who looted Nigeria in active connivance with people like you. Give that to the old man of Ota, he brought Nigeria back from the brink of total collapse. Let me tell you this, I am not a fan of Obasanjo, I am not a PDP person, but I will credit him with one thing, he assembled fantastic team of administrators, from Professor Okonjo Iwealla, to Nasir El-Rufai. He gave Nigeria a sound economic direction. Learn to give honor to whom it is due. You betrayed the purpose of your write up by hitting Jonathan. Let me ask you this, when did this man become the president of Nigeria? I suppose you know that he was the vice president for about 3 years during which all his powers and responsibilities were ceremonial. In that case, you need to back off and give him time to prove himself. He cannot be held accountable for the actions of his late principal and we refuse to allow you muddle up facts. If you have internal problems in the PDP, then stay there and solve it. When Pastor Bakare endorsed general Buhari, I recall he added a caveat that it was a personal endorsement and had nothing to do with SNG. Indeed, it remains so. You have a right to your opinions; you have no right to misinterpret facts. As for your innocent talakwas whose monies were stolen by the likes of Cecilia Ibru, you couldn’t have been more disingenuous. Question, whatever happened to the Bank of the North? You remember that bank? It was also looted and monies mismanaged by Northerners, besides, how about the names on the list of those who carry bad loans? Did you see any name of a Northerner? How about Bukola Saraki and the demise of Societe Generale Bank? He is one of you up North or so he says. May be with his liability, you will want to send to send him back to the west where he belongs, never mind the yarn of Mali heritage spinned by Baba Saraki. There ain’t anything like that. They know and we all know. Look, let me advise you, you cannot go round life spreading toxic waste and expect to get a warm reception. Your article is filled with such self righteousness that I concluded you are a sad man living a sad life. You want to ride on the back of the poor majority in the North to achieve your selfish interest. Look, compare Obasanjo’s cabinet list and that of our late president, Umar Yar’Adua. Even then, no one said anything to this provincial and parochial list. We just wanted a good progressive Nigeria. Yet, you are too blinded by animus to see the good in others. Increasingly, the North is preparing to burn up Nigeria. It is not the poor majority, but people like you who go around sowing hate into the minds of your people. How many times have you seen or read of religious violence in the South. Rather, you have harbored Maitasine, you have the Kalo Kato people, you have the Boko haram, and you have some others whose names I cannot recall now. You have even managed to have the dubious distinction of producing the panty bomber. Yet you glided over it as if it was nothing. If you were the family of Gideon Akaluka, who was decapitated in a police post in Kano, a man whose head was impaled and taken round the old city of Kano, you will not be in denial as you are. No one is proud of our internal colonizers, except you. Just like you, I have had several private mails on this issue even from people from the North. Some of them are still advocating for Nigeria to continue to service the whims and caprices of the North. I wonder why you guys are trying to forget the locust years of our military interlopers, from the era of General Gowon to General Abdulsalami when almost all the governors, commissioners and what not were almost exclusively from the North. If you argue that the census of army officers was tilted to the North, I will agree with you. Our point of disagreement will be on accountability. They looted, they raped, and they despoiled Nigeria. They were majority from the North. Please in your reply, I will like you to educate us by publishing the names of all military men who have ruled Nigeria before 1999. I will also like you to educate us by publishing the data for statutory allocation to the states since oil was discovered in Nigeria, until the revenue allocation review under general Obasanjo. Remember, and please bear this in mind always, if you develop the Samson complex which you obviously have, the house will fall on all of us. It will not spare any one except if you fled to your house in Dubai. I am not a tribal warlord like you. I have family across Nigeria by marriage and by birth. I am not one to cuddle people like former governor Turaki who looted his state dry and to even find out the man is from neighboring country beats all imagination. Have you thought of deporting this thief back to his country after serving jail term for robbing the people he was supposed to serve? You see what is happening to Ibori, which is how fair we are. Try to emulate us for once. Until them, please go and throwaway that toga of persecution you are wearing. No one is impressed. No one is against the North. We are against people like you who are spreading hate. Do you know the near cult following Nuhu Ribadu and El Rufai have down south. We do not see them as Northerners; we see them as Nigerians who can correct the ills of our society. I guess you do not want those two right? You do not want them because they will not feed into your tribal hang ups. Did we applaud the current governor of the central bank? Did we encourage Mallam Sanusi to get Cecilia Ibru and her gang? How about joining us to wash the Augean stable irrespective of the place of origin of the guilty. Until then, Dr Tilde, you are an extremely offensive person and you need to ask God for forgiveness for lies and half truths.

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