The Good Old Days- “The Love of AA”

By Ruth TV Africa

“The good old days” is the umbrella title of Kwaw Ansah's (a renowned film writer and Director, who needs no introduction as far as the film industry is concerned) next film project. The package consists of 24 episodes, with different subtitles, treating different themes relevant to the Ghanaian family life as in the “Good Old Days”.

The film project deals with the adventure of a family of eight and is set in the 1950s and 1960s. It is a healthy mix of “love”, “comedy” and “tragedy” which is designed to capture the nostalgic imagination of its audience and appeal to all age groups. Each episode brings back the joyful memories of our way of life in the years gone by.

The love of AA is an intriguing and compelling story of love, family life, childhood mischief and pranks. It ends with a mixture of comic and tragic events that are sure to capture the imagination of the viewing public and cause people to re-examine their interpersonal relations, which tends to pose a great challenge to society.